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Information Technology is pleased to provide Stevens students, faculty, and staff with access to Gartner research. This 6 month trial subscription provides access to information technology resources from Gartner, one of the world's largest information technology research and advisory consulting firms. Gartner research helps provide an understanding of issues and long-term trends in Information Technology and the use of technology related to business problems.

Usage of this site is restricted to Stevens students, faculty, and staff. Before you use this site, you must agree to the Gartner Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policies ( as a condition of accessing and using Gartner research. Access to this site is limited to individuals enrolled in classes and employed by Stevens. Be sure to read the Terms of Use carefully before accessing the Gartner research. Do not share Gartner research with others outside the university or post it on Web sites or servers where others outside the university may access it.

The connection to Gartner research is made by going to You will use your Stevens Username and Password to access Gartner research. Your password is not transmitted to Gartner during the login process. If you need assistance logging into the Gartner research site through this link, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at or 201.216.5500.

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