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Email Aliases

Email aliases are, essentially, forwarding addresses which are used to forward email to specific recipients. This is typically set up for Departments, organizations etc (ex. All email addressed to is received by the mail server and is sent to all specified recipients. An email alias should have no more than 10 recipients, all of which must be addresses.

Request an Email Alias

To request an email alias, use the IT Helpdesk Ticketing system by logging in to myStevens or simply send the request to from your Stevens email address.

Modifying Email Alias Recipient List

In order to add or remove recipients from the Email Alias, contact the Helpdesk via the Helpdesk Ticketing system or send the request to from your Stevens email address.


Listserv is the Stevens service that provides users the ability to create mailing lists for various needs. Clubs, organizations, and other miscellaneous groups can have a mailing list that will be able to reach any email address. The mailing lists can be easily configured, and have many customizations available. Mailing lists can have an unlimited amount of recipients. Recipients are not restricted by a specific domain, as such, any email (ex. or can be listed as a recipient.

Request a Listserv Mailing List

In order to request a Listserv mailing list, fill out the form at the following address:

Modifying Listserv mailing lists

To modify a mailing list, please use the Listserv website:

Alias or Listserv

Please refer to the below table as a guideline for which service best suits your needs.

Service Email Alias Mailing List
Max recipients 10 or less Unlimited
Recipient Restrictions ONLY Any email address
Changes made by IT Staff Mailing list admin
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