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The acronym Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Moodle is the service where courses and events are displayed for associated Stevens students and faculty. This will replace Elearn by the Fall 2011 semester.

Getting Started Moodle Orientation

Getting Started Moodle Orientation webinars will be available to instructors throughout the Summer and Fall terms. Getting Started Moodle Orientation webinars will be broken up into two 2-hour online sessions and will cover all basic features of using Moodle.

Once an orientation has been completed, its recording will be posted as a Link in the Archive column.

Archived Training

Moodle Training Archives
Part 1
Part 2
Designing In Moodle
(approx 2:00 hours): Wimba
(approx 2:00 hours): MP4
Teaching In Moodle
(approx 1:00 hour): Wimba
(approx 1:00 hour): MP4
If you are watching in the Wimba format, there is no username or password for these sessions, just type your name in the Participant Login box. Be sure to run the Set-Up Wizard before initiating your Wimba session.

If you have any questions or comments about the Moodle training archives, please contact the Helpdesk at

How To Attend An Orientation

To attend a Moodle webinar session, select the following Wimba link:

Note: A username or password is not required for these sessions, just type your name in the Participant Login box. Be sure to access the session 5-10 minutes early to run the Set-Up wizard to make sure your machine is running an optimized Wimba session.

Accessing Moodle

1. Open a web browser and go to Log in with your Stevens credentials.

2. Click the Moodle link located in the Campus Services section. This will open up the Moodle page and automatically log you in.

Alternatively, you can go directly to and log in using your Stevens username and password.

Browser Support

The current list of Moodle supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (v7, v8)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions)
  • Safari (v3, v4)

General Moodle Account Tutorials

Name Description Links
Profile and Account Settings Explains how to change your external email address and set up forwarding. Also explains how to configure your account to navigate Moodle in more efficient ways for the user. Link

Student Tutorials

Name Description Links
Moodle Walk-through A basic walk-through of a Moodle course from the students perspective. MP4 Link
Viewing Grades How to generally view grades in your course. Your course instructor may be using another avenue, if so please contact your instructor on their method of communicating grades. Link
Using Forums A general tutorial on how forums are run. Your instructor may be using some additional settings which may cause your forums to behave differently. Link
Understanding the Blocks Interface How a basic course should generally look. Your instructor can move, delete, and add blocks, so your course may look different. This helps for a basic understanding of the block driven Moodle interface. Link
Participant Tutorials Moodlerooms' participation tutorial resource page hosts a variety of video and text tutorials for course participants. Link

Instructor Tutorials

Name Description Links
Using Edit Mode Explains how to enable Edit Mode in Moodle, and do basic manipulation of links on your course homepage, such as: moving, indenting, hiding, deleting, and updating links. This also shows how to use some of the icons for each Week/Topic section. Link
Create and Download Backup Explains how to create and download backups for a Moodle course. Link
Restoring a Backup Into a New Course Explains how to restore a Moodle backup into a new course. This is the preferred method of bringing all course content from one term to another.

Note 1:
Wimba archives can not be brought over using Backup/Restore from term to term. If you want to bring archives from term to term you must convert your archives into web links using the Wimba Guest Access link per archive.

Note 2:
If you try to backup and restore your Turn It In assignments from one course to another, your Restore process will fail, You can backup and restore TII Assignments from one course to another.
Moodle eMail Block How to use the Moodle eMail Block which is the preferred tool to send formal email to users in your course. Link
Creating Groups and Separate Group Forums How to put students into groups and create private group forum areas where students can communicate privately. Link
Course Format and Settings How to adjust the weeks/topics amount and change the course interface. Link
Adding Files and Weblinks How to upload files and add web links to your course. Link
Activity Locking Explains how to control the access of content in your course based on: what the student has already accessed, if they've posted in a forum, and what grade they received on an activity. Allows the instructor to create a more controlled learning path in the course. Link
News Forum Announcements How to push course announcements to students. Link
Linking to Folder/Directory of Files How to link students to a folder of files in the Files area. Link
Adding Labels and Editing Summaries How to adjust all summaries on the weeks/topics and how to insert labels/headings in each week/topic. Link
Importing Content How to move files and activities from one course to another using the Import link under the Administration block. Link
Assignments - Single File Upload How to create a single file upload assignment in Moodle, which allows students to submit one file to the instructor for grading and text feedback. Link
Assignments - Advanced Uploading of Files How to create an advanced uploading of files assignment in Moodle, allowing students to upload multiple files, as well as the instructor to submit a response file back to the students. This assignment also allows to automatically hide the assignment description before the available date. Link
Creating Text or HTML Pages Locally creating text or HTML pages in Moodle, so students can open content instantaneously regardless of their browser or machine OS restrictions. Link
Creating and Using Chat Rooms How to set up synchronous text communication chat rooms between the instructor and students. Link
Managing Files How to use the Moodle Files link under the Administration Block. Link
Assignment Types Understanding the different Assignment types you can create in Moodle. Link
Filter Gradebook by Groups How to filter your Gradebook based on groups for viewing via student groups or if you are breaking up your combined section and want to view the child section enrollments separately in the Gradebook. Link
Adding Grades and Feedback to the Gradebook How to add grades and feedback to the Gradebook. Link
Adding Grade Items to the Gradebook How to add different grade items to your Gradebook either manually or how they are created via activities. Link
Adding Grade Categories of Grade Items/Columns Shows the ability to break up your gradebook into categories with sub category totals that automatically group types of grade items together and calculate subtotals. This also shows how you can create weights which feed into the Course Total column. Link
Reset Quiz Attempts The ability to reset a students quiz attempt to allow them to re-take a quiz. Link
Grading Assignments How to grade assignment submissions from the students. Link
Grading Quizzes How to use the Results interface and view student Quiz submissions and grade them manually as well as viewing reports about the quiz questions. Link
Exporting and Importing Questions How to export Quiz questions to a file and import exported questions into another course. Exported Quiz questions can be freely shared from course to course. Link
Letter Grade Boundaries This highlights how to set up letter grade boundaries so your numeric grades translate to the intended letter grade of your course. This tutorial is particularly useful if you plan on transporting your Midterm or Final grades into our Student information System. Link
Manual Column Grade Exchange from Moodle to SIS This video highlights the method of creating a manul grade item in the Gradebook and having those grades be automatically transported into our Student Information System. Link
Download All Assignment Submissions This highlights the process of downloading all assignment submissions for a particular assignment in the Assignment activity. Link
Instructor Tutorials Moodlerooms' instructor tutorial resource page hosts a variety of video and text tutorials course instructors. Link

For additional information on Moodle, please see Moodle's corresponding Wikipedia Page.

More information will be added to this page in the future.
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