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Machines accessing the Stevens Network should be registered.


All dorms and Greek Houses should have their machines configured to use 802.1x.

Getting an IP Address

  • After authenticating through 802.1x (or not, as the case may be), everyone's machine must then DHCP. Networking policy dictates all users must DHCP to receive troubleshooting support. In the future, any machine not DHCPing will not be allowed on the network.
  • When you DHCP, and if your machine is either registered or authenticated, you will then be assigned an IP address by our DHCP servers
  • This is a psuedo static IP address. It will tend not to change in an individual port, but may vary from building to building, or floor to floor. When you change rooms, the system may take some time to reflect these changes and your IP address may change during this time. Additionally, an 802.1x authenticated IP address is more likely to change than non-802.1x.


The IP address you currently have gives hints to what the trouble may be if you are properly registered yet cannot get on the internet.

  • IP starts with 155.246.*.* - this is a proper Stevens IP address. You do not have a connectivity issue on our end.
  • IP starts with 169.*.*.* - this is the autoconfiguration IP address. This is what Windows will assign to you when the DHCP server does not respond. It could be that the machine is not correctly registered, or the MAC address is blocked due to suspicious activity.
  • IP starts with 172.*.*.* - this is the remnants of an older system that allowed students to automatically register MAC addresses. You should not ever receive an address like this. Please contact the HelpDesk if you receive this.

Using DHCP

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