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Callpilot is a web application for checking your Stevens voicemail. It is available to anyone with a Stevens campus voicemail box, serving as an alternate way to check and manage voicemail messages from on and off campus without using a telephone. Voicemail can be accessed online by going to the web address:


Features of this service include

  1. Messages listed by caller's name, and the date and time of the message (Messages from off campus numbers will say Outside Call. They show the caller's area code and telephone number, or a 7 before calls from the 201 area code, or may say Unknown with no number.)
  2. Message length (time; minutes and seconds) of each voicemail message
  3. Ability to delete multiple messages at once
  4. Ability to skip messages or fast forward through them
  5. Ability to save voicemail messages as sound files on your computer

How to log in

NOTICE: By default, the account for each room is disabled and in order for new users to take advantage of this service, they must request it by contacting the local operator by dialing "0".

  • Mailbox: Your Phone Extension (or Phone Extension plus a number if you share your room) Example for student in a double with phone number x9999 would be 99991 for the first student, 99992 for the second student.
  • Password: The initial password is 201 plus the phone extension. For example: x9999 would be 2019999. You will be required to change the initial password the first time you connect to Callpilot from your phone.

Changing Callpilot/Voicemail Password: Must be done from your phone. Password changes cannot be done on the Call Pilot webpage.

Forgotten Callpilot Password: Contact Telephone Services by dialing "x8316" during business hours, or visit the Telephone Services Office on the 7 floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center.

How to Set Up Remote E-mail and Text Message Notifications for Voicemail

Notifications on your cell phone can save you the time of calling or logging on to Callpilot to see if you have voicemail when you are way from your desk. You will also know if an important caller left a message.

You establish the notification by using the web interface to the callpilot voicemail system.

Once logged in, go to the Callpilot5.png tab.

From here, select the "Message Notification" link.

Which will open up the "Message Notification" window

For Blackberry Users

Notice that external numbers are recognized by the blackberry and are able to be dialed just highlighting them.

On the blackberry create an address book entry called “Stevens Voicemail” and enter the phone number for voicemail 201-216-****, also enter the "from" address of these emails “”. This will do two things; first the messages will be listed as from Stevens Voicemail and not; and second, when reading the message, it is easier to call your voicemail if there is an address book entry for it with a phone number. Hit the blackberry key and scroll down to “Call Stevens Voicemail”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I type in for my Mailbox number at the login screen?

Type in your Stevens voice mailbox number. For faculty, staff, and students in single rooms, that is a four-digit telephone extension number. For students not in a single room, a fifth digit is required to indicate a student's personal voice mailbox number. For example, a student living in a Humphries double with the phone extension x3910 who uses the first mailbox for that phone number would type in 39101 as the Mailbox login. The person's roommate who uses the second mailbox for that phone number would type in 39102. (If the room is a triple or quad room, the fifth digit to specify each person's individual mailbox for that telephone extension, will also be required.)

What should I type in for my Password at the login screen?

Enter the same password that you use when you retrieve your voicemail from a telephone.

What audio player should I install to listen to messages?

The Callpilot Player is the recommended voicemail player because it provides some extra options for playing your voicemail messages (e.g., fast forward; slow, etc.). However, if you are not at your PC or do not want to do a download, the standard player will work fine as long as the PC you are using has a media player and speakers.

How do I install the Callpilot Player?

To install the Callpilot Player, click on the Downloads button on the Callpilot login screen. Select the Callpilot Player option and choose Save. Open the file you downloaded and double-click on the wclient.exe file to begin installing the Callpilot player. Skip past the Callpilot Server Settings screen. Just leave everything in the set-up boxes blank and click Next so the installation will continue. Now you can listen to your voicemail messages using the Callpilot Player. (NOTE: If you log onto your computer with a Campus domain password, you should have received e-mail with slightly different instructions on installing the Callpilot Player. Please follow the e-mail instructions.)

How do I save voicemail messages onto my computer?

When playing a voicemail message with the Callpilot Player, go to the File menu and choose Save As to save that message as an audio file. Choose a meaningful file name, perhaps the name of the person who left the message and continue saving it. The file extension (file type) will be .vbk, which is the audio format used by the Callpilot Player. You can replay the saved voicemail message again, even after you have deleted it from your voicemail box, by finding the file on your computer and double-clicking on it.

How can I find out more about Callpilot?

You can find out more about this new system by going to the website listed above and clicking on the Help option listed on the left side of the Callpilot login prompt screen. From this Help menu you can learn more about how to use Callpilot with your own voice mailbox.

When I tried to visit the Callpilot web page, I got an error saying Secure Channel Required. What is wrong?

Your computer's web browser is a version that will not work with Callpilot Web Messaging. Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 216-5500 or create a request for assistance at

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