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The Babbio Center – Room 122

Approximate Capacity: 110


  • Two ceiling mounted LCD projectors
  • Lectern w/ Touch Screen Control System
  • Audio & Video Conferencing Capabilities
    • IP based video conferencing
    • Ability to connect to more then one video conferencing site
    • Presenter & Audience cameras w/ pan/tilt/zoom features
  • Local Voice Reinforcement
  • Wireless hand-held or lapel microphones available upon request
  • VCR, DVD
  • VGA and RGB inputs
  • 104 Wired network connections located in tables
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • Fully controllable lighting system

Basic Instructions:

Audio and Microphones:

  • Adjusting Volumes
  • The Audio/Video switcher in Babbio 122 can only broadcast one audio source at a time. This means devices plugged into the podium inputs, side inputs, or front wall inputs. When a new video source is plugged in, the system will switch audio to the audio inputs associated with those video inputs.
  • The Side Podium inputs DO NOT have audio inputs. These inputs are video only.
  • There are 4 wireless microphones available for use in Babbio 122. Two are lapel mics, and two are hand held mics, each of which is on channel 15 or 16 respectively. You cannot use the channel 16 lapel and the channel 16 hand held at the same time, likewise for the channel 15 mics. This means that you can only use two microphones in addition to the podium microphone.
  • A Hand Held Mic

Hand held mic.JPG

  • A Lapel Mic

Lapel Mic.JPG

  • To acquire microphones, see the Requesting Use of System section.

Main Podium Inputs:

Side Podium Inputs:

Front Wall Inputs:

Babbio 122 Front Wall.JPG

RGB Cable

  • An RGB cable is required for user of the side podium inputs and certain inputs in the front walls of both rooms. RGB cables can be obtained by contacting Susan Pavelchak (see Requesting Use of Systems) or by purchasing one at the Stevens Computer Center.


Video Conferencing

Requesting Use of Systems

To use any classroom: you must reserve it with the Sherra Jones, Associate Registrar, at If you need help using the video conferencing systems please contact the help desk at x5500 or at least 2 weeks prior to video conferencing date, so that you can be trained.

To request use of microphones: contact Susan Pavelchak by email at or by phone at x5550. Susan will file a Help Desk ticket requesting access to the storage room the microphones are located in for you.

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