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These are the install instructions for those students who have been authorized to use this software by the Civil Engineering Department.

Installing Autocad Civil 3-D

1. Go to my computer and click Map network drive

  • If you are off campus, this will require a VPN connection.
  • Since this is a large program, a wired connection is preferred for file transfer

2. Click on the Drive pull-down menu and select any letter. Check Connect using different credentials. In the folder space type in \\storage01\ac$ and click Finish.

3. When the security window pops up enter the following:

  • Username: campus\username (This is your Stevens Email username)
  • Password: your Stevens password

4. If successful, the server folder will open and you will drag the Civil 3D 2010 folder to your desktop. The file is 7.70 Gigs so please use cable connection when doing this. If you cannot access the server please make sure that you are entering the right credentials.

5. Open the Civil 3D 2010 Folder. Double-click SETUP Application

6. For the Product and User Information contact the civil engineering department.

7. Click Next but DO NOT CLICK INSTALL! Select Configure instead.

8. Select Network License for the "License Type" and Single Server License for the "License Model"

  • Name of the server:

9. Keep clicking next until your Configuration is complete and then install the software

10. In order to use the software you have to be connected to Stevens network or the VPN if you are off campus. When the process is complete please open the program to make sure that it is running.

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