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This guide is for creating a VPN connection on your Android device.
To establish a VPN connection you must already be connected to the internet.
You can not connect to the VPN from on campus.


1. In the list of your android apps, click Settings.

  • Alternatively, from the main page you may click the Menu on button your android device and then click Settings.

2. Select Wireless & Networks from the list.

3. Select VPN Settings

4. Select Add VPN

5. Select Add L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN from the list of VPN types

6. Edit the following settings for your VPN connection:

  • VPN name - This is simply the name that you would like to give the connection. You may call it "Stevens VPN" for example.
  • Set VPN server -
  • Set IPSec pre-shared key - SITvpn
    • This key is case sensitive
  • Do not enable L2TP secret, it is not needed to connect.
  • Do not edit DNS search domains
  • Click the back arrow on your phone to return to VPN settings. This will automatically save all the changes you have made.

7. Select the VPN connection you made.

8. Enter your Campus Domain username and password.

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