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Note: This article is intended for faculty and staff who have been migrated over to the Microsoft Exchange Server. All other Stevens Users should reference the documentation on IMAP and POP3.

The Android operating system has built in support for synchronization with Microsoft Exchange. This will allow most devices running android to use the Microsoft Exchange services associated with a user's Stevens account. The following steps will act as a generic guide for setting up Microsoft Exchange on the Android operating system.

Note: These instructions are intended to be a general guide for setting up an Exchange Server connection on an Android device. With the many different flavors of Android available today, it is quite possible your menus may look different.



Step 1: Open the Settings Application

From your homescreen, navigate to and tap to open the Settings application.

Step 2: Open Accounts and Sync

In the Settings app, swipe to the Accounts header and tap on the Add account option.

Step 3: Add an Exchange ActiveSync Account

Select the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync option from the Add account menu.

Step 4: Enter your Stevens Email Account information

  • Enter your Stevens email address in the form of
  • Enter your current Stevens password in the appropriate box.

Once finished tap the Manual setup button in the lower left hand section of the page.

Step 5: Enter Appropriate Server Information

Enter the appropriate information as listed below:

  • Email Address: Enter your Stevens email address in the form in this field.
  • Server Address: Enter in this field.
  • Domain: Enter campus\yourStevensusername in this field.
  • Username: Enter your Stevens Username in this field.
  • Password: Enter your current Stevens password in this field.
  • Make sure the bubble to the left of This server requires and encrypted SSL connection is checked.

When finished entering all of the above information tap the Next button in the lower right section of the page.

Step 6: Select Exchange Services to Sync

Select which services you wish to sync with the Exchange server and when to sync. It is recommended that you check the boxes next to Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Push Mail. When finished tap the Next button in the lower right section of the page.

Step 7: Finalize the Account

Type a name you wish to identify the account as in the Account Name field and then tap the Finish Setup button in the lower right of the page.

Remove Previous non-Exchange Email Account

Step 1: Open the Email Settings window

  • Open the settings application on your phone.
  • Scroll to the Accounts header in the Settings app and tap on the Email option.

Step 2: Select and Remove the previous email account

  • Tap on the account you wish to remove.
  • Swipe to the bottom of the screen and select Remove Account.

The previous email account will not be removed from your Android device.

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