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The Stevens wireless network is experiencing unprecedented demand and usage. The proliferation of hand held wireless devices along with continued increased use of wireless by laptops requires Information Technology to maximize the performance of the wireless network.

The older and slower 802.11b protocol, adopted in 1999, adversely impacts the performance of the newer 802.11g clients, and we can improve performance by eliminating the availability 802.11b. We evaluated the wireless network use over the summer and determined there are only a few (less than 1%) 802.11b wireless clients that use the network. Therefore, 802.11b wireless connectivity will no longer be available as of Monday, August 24, 2009.

Most 2.4GHz wireless device clients use the 802.11g protocol, adopted in 2003 or 802.11n protocol scheduled for Nov 2009. If your notebook was purchased with wireless after 2003 it most likely uses the 802.11g protocol and the only effect of this change will have for you is improved performance. In addition, to further enhance the performance of the wireless network, Information Technology is offering the 802.11n protocol in areas that have the newer access points.

Current 802.11b wireless users have the option of using a wired network port, obtaining a USB 802.11g interface, or upgrading their hardware.

The 5GHz 802.11a protocol will continue to be available on access points that have the 5GHz capability.

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