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Book, journal and conference publications by iNetS participating faculty include books & book chapters, listed below, as well as journal articles and conference publications

Books and Book Chapters

W. Dong and Y. Guo, "Formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots using graph theoretical methods" in Cooperative Control and Optimization, 2006.

C. Comaniciu, N. Mandayam, and H. Poor, Wireless Networks: Multiuser Detection in Cross-Layer Design. New York: Springer, May 2005.

M. Haleem, S. K. Das, and R. Chandramouli, "Online stochastic optimization of wireless multimedia networks, coauthor of update,"in Adaptation Techniques in Wireless Multimedia Networks. Nova Science, 2005.

S. K. Tewksbury, "Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICS),"in  The Electrical Engineering Handbook. CRC Press/IEEE Press, 2005.

H. Man, A. Docef, and F. Kossentini, "The JPEG 2000 Image Coding Standard,"in Encyclopedia of Multimedia. Springer, 2005.

R. Chandramouli, N. Memon, and M. Rabbani, "Digital watermarking,"in Encyclopedia of Imaging Science and Technology. Wiley,  2002.

N. Memon and R. Chandramouli, "Image steganalysis,"in Optical and Digital Techniques for Information Security. Springer, 2002.

K. Subbalakshmi, "Lossless Image Compression.,"  Lossless Compression Handbook,  Academic Press, Series in Communications, Networking, and Multimedia.

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