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Current Research Projects

U.S. Army Picatinny Program

          Embedded Intelligent Sensor Network Designs 

Mobile Sensor Platform Research


  • Autonomous Deployment of Service Robots in Mobile Sensor Networks (Yi Guo).

  • Bio-Inspired Self-Deployment of Distributed Mobile Sensor Networks under Dynamic Environment (Yan Meng).

  • Design and Development of Legged Robots for Mobile Sensor Platforms under Rough Terrains (Yan Meng).


  • Y. Guo, Y. Long and W. Sheng, "Global Trajectory Generation for Nonholonomic Robots in Dynamic Environments", Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Roma, Italy, April 2007.

  • Y. Guo, M. Hohil, and S. V. Desai, “Bio-inspired Motion Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Robots Facilitating Greater Plasticity for Security Applications”, SPIE Europe Symposium on Security and Defence, Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks IV, Florence, Italy, Sep. 2007.

Research on PHY, MAC, and NET Layer Designs in Sensor Networks


  • Collaborative Signal Processing for Intelligent Sensor Networks (Hongbin Li).

  • Cross-Layer MAC Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks (Cristina Comaniciu).

  • Low-Complexity Cross-Layer Designs for Intelligent Sensor Networks (Yu-Dong Yao).

  • Secure and Robust Localization in Wireless and Sensor Networks (Yingying Chen)


  • H. Li, J. Fang, S.A. Quoraishee and M.E. Hohil, “Adaptive quantization and distributed estimation for wireless sensor networks,” 2007 Meeting of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS), Specialty Group on Battleplace Acoustics & Seismic Sensing, Magnetic & Electric Field Sensors, Laurel, MD, August 21-23, 2007.

  • H. Li and J. Fang, “Distributed adaptive quantization and estimation for wireless sensor networks,” IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 14, no. 10, pp. 669-672, October 2007.

  • J. Fang and H. Li, “Distributed event region detection in wireless sensor networks,” EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Special Issue on Distributed Signal Processing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks, vol. 2008, Article ID 287870, January 2008.

  • J. Fang and H. Li, “Joint dimension assignment and compression for distributed multi-sensor estimation,” IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2008, in press.

  • J. Fang, H. Li, S. A. Quoraishee, and M.E. Hohil, “Distributed event region detection in wireless sensor networks,” 2008 SPIE Defense & Security Conference, Communications and Networking Technologies and Systems Track (Wireless Sensing and Processing), Orlando, FL, Mach 16-20, 2008.

  • Shu Chen, Yingying Chen, Wade Trappe, “Exploiting Environmental Properties for Wireless Localization and Location Aware Applications,” will appear in Proceedings of the Fifth Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2008), Hongkong, March 2008.

    Jie Yang, Yingying Chen, “A Theoretical Analysis of Wireless Localization Using RF-based Fingerprint Matching,” will appear in Proceedings of The Fourth International Workshop on System Management Techniques, Processes, and Services (SMTPS 2008), held in conjunction with IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2008), Miami, FL, April 2008.

Research on Security and Information Processing in Sensor Networks


  • Computational Intelligence in Data Mining for Embedded Intelligent Sensor Networks (Haibo He).

Figure 1: Development of multi-objects learning and recognition
framework for distributed intelligent sensor networks (Haibo He)

  • Multi-Modal Multi-Sensor System for Persistent Surveillance (Hong Man)

  • Security Analysis of Encrypted Sensor Networks (R. Chandramouli)

  • Secure Network Coding for Sensor Networks (K. P. Subbalakshmi)

  • Self-Monitoring of Secure Sensor Networks for Tactical Battlefield (iNetS Team)


  • Haibo He, Yuan Cao, Sheng Chen, Sachi Desai, Myron E. Hohil, “Dynamic Adaptive Learning for Decision-making Supporting Systems,” SPIE Defense + Security / Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications, Florida, March 2008. (to appear)

  • Haibo He, Sheng Chen, Yuan Cao, Sachi Desai, Myron E. Hohil, “Multi-objects Recognition for Distributed Intelligent Sensor Networks,” SPIE Defense & Security/Unattended Ground, Sea, and Air Sensor Technologies and Applications X, Florida, March 2008. (to appear)

  • X. Shen and H. He, “A Multiscale Probability Model for Intrusion Detection Systems,” in Proc. Int. Conf. Machine Learning: Models, Technologies and applications (MLMTA'07), pp. 190-196, June 2007

An Integrated Test Bed for Embedded Intelligent Sensor Network (iNetS Team)

The testbed (Prof. Bruce McNair - Manager) provides

  • Six nodes (Pentek Software Defined Radio boards) provide the flexibility to explore a wide variety of advanced wireless network architectures

  • Each node has dual 100 MHz input, 300 MHz output bandwidth, and high-speed FPGA-based signal processing

  • The Pentek Software Defined Radio boards are used with PCs under the Linux OS platform.. Presently, frequency-agile RF transceivers are being designed using this testbed.

Illustration of software defined radio laboratory network (B. McNair)

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