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The Center for Intelligent Networked Systems (iNetS) was established to provide a foundation for development of advanced research topics, in partnership with industry and government, in the broad area of networks enhanced by the addition of embedded intelligence. The overall structure of iNetS is illustrated below. The core research is performed by a team of Stevens' researchers, seeking to develop an interdisciplinary team to address the cross disciplinary topics confronting future generation networks.

To provide technical advice and support, iNetS has established the concept of the iNets Fellow, well established researchers from industry who work directly with the iNetS research team in definition and completion of research projects. The Center is also developing a set of corporate and government partners, as well as establishing collaborative programs with other universities.

iNetS is fully embedded within the academic organization of Stevens, working to develop the set of courses through which undergraduate and graduate students can gain the expertise needed to contribute to the field of networked systems. iNetS.

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