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Honor at Stevens Institute of Technology

The Honor System at Stevens was developed to fulfill two objectives. It ensures that work submitted by students can be trusted as their own and was performed in an atmosphere of honesty and fair play. A secondary function of the Honor System is to promote, both on the campus and in the individual student, a sense of honor in preparation for the professional world.

In order for this Honor System to be effective, the continued support and cooperation of the student body, faculty, and administration is needed. In addition, the Honor System's governing body, the Honor Board, serves to ensure that the integrity of the system is upheld.

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Honor Board Accord

The Honor Board is considering changing our bylaws on jury selection, please respond to the following prompt to let the Honor Board know your suggestions.

As time goes on the culture of each generation changes slightly, new technology is introduced and cultural views change. It has come to the attention of the Honor Board that the current jury selection and jury call process is not as effective as it could be. Stevens is one of the only schools with an all randomly selected jury of students, a true "jury of your peers." Looking at previous Stevens jury selection processes and/or jury representation at other universities, what would you advise as the best jury composition? Would having faculty or staff involved in this process be beneficial? Should we consider having "professional" jurors -- students who have had extensive education in the Honor System and are the only ones who may be selected as jurors? What constitutes an efficient jury?

Responses are due by March 1st, 2014

Information on Plagiarism


The dictionary defines plagiarism as the act of "...stealing and using the ideas, writings, or inventions of another as one's own" or ".... taking passages, plots, or ideas from another and using them as one's own".