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Welcome to The Hanlon Financial Systems Lab

Summer Schedule: 9a.m. - 9p.m.

We would like to get your feedback: HFSL Survey

Please share your thoughts of our Lab Courses: Lab Courses Survey

Research Survey on Financial Data Standards and Big Data: Standards and Big Data

Stevens FE program in QuantNet: Quantnet logo.jpg

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About the Lab

The state-of-the-art Hanlon Financial Systems Lab is the heart of the Financial Systems Center in Stevens. This lab came into being as a result of a generous gift by Stevens Trustee and Alumnus, Sean Hanlon. The Lab will integrate the latest hardware and software technologies, accessing real-time data and historical data, supporting innovative research into the most common and urgent problems in contemporary finance.(more...)

Contact Information

Phone: (201) 216 - 3527 (Deputy Director) / (201) 216 - 5073 (Research Room)


Address: Babbio Center, 4th Floor, Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on the Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030 map

Current Events

Date Event Location
Nov 13th Mezhgan Qabool from EUREX will speak on "Insight into the European Derivatives Market" Stevens Institute of Technology
Oct 9th Alexei Chekhlov will speak on Statistical Properties of "Limit Order Book Events in Liquid Futures Markets" Stevens Institute of Technology
Oct 2nd S&P Capital IQ will speak on Risk Models Stevens Institute of Technology
Sep 25th Peter Carr from Morgan Stanley Stevens Institute of Technology

>>more events





Picture Gallery

The Hanlon Financial Systems lab, Stevens

——more pictures

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