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February 16, 2010

Dr. Alan Blumberg Featured on National Geographic February 18, 10PM

This Thursday, February 18th at 10PM EST, Dr. Alan Blumberg of Stevens Institute of Technology will participate in the National Geographic Channel Program entitled “Naked Science”.

The program chronicles scientific investigations into several of the biggest mysteries of our time. It is expertly crafted and well known for featuring experts who conduct experiments and lay out realistic scenarios that confirm or debunk common assumptions and misconceptions.

This week, Dr. Alan Blumberg offers his expertise on hurricane reduction in an episode entitled, “Preventing Armageddon.” Dr. Blumberg has long been a world renowned scientist and is also the Director of the Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens where his research focuses on understanding and predicting the flow processes operating in rivers, lakes, estuaries and the oceans.

Dr. Blumberg has developed a proposed hurricane prevention method that could reduce the storms intensity by an entire category. This primarily consists of reducing the oceans temperature by even a few degrees. The process involves vertically dropping thousands of pipes at sea in the hurricanes path. Movement of the ocean waves above will force cooler water to rise to the surface, thus reducing the temperate and ultimately, the power of the hurricane.

“Preventing Armageddon” has devoted an entire segment to Dr. Blumberg as he elaborates on his methodology for this critical research. Stevens would like to congratulate Dr. Blumberg on this prestigious appearance, and we encourage everyone to tune in Thursday night at 10PM EST!

Please visit the Naked Science page for information, videos, schedules and more.

To learn more about Dr. Blumberg’s research and the efforts of his team, visit the Center for Maritime Systems website.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Alan Blumberg
George Meade Bond Professor & Director of Davidson Laboratory
Davidson Laboratory
Room Room 200
Phone: 201.216.5289
Fax: 201.216.8214

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