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May 26, 2009

Wind Generation for Babbio Center

Stevens Institute of Technology has embraced another alternative energy source beyond the solar panels that blanket campus roofs and open spaces:  wind power.  Stevens foray into this world was accomplished with a microturbine that stands just over 12 feet tall and weighs only 87 pounds.  This latest “go-green” initiative was brainstormed as a senior design project by 2009 graduates Christine Couzo, Dawn Herring and Kate Vaupel.

The team was formed to design and install a wind turbine on campus, pairing environmental engineering students with a mechanical engineering student.  Feasibility studies were conducted, as well as research on wind energy generation, wind turbines, aerodynamics, and energy use and cost.

The students’ goal was to use a single unit to model production of estimated 200 kilowatt hours monthly, enough power for a small home and to offset energy costs and emissions for the Babbio Center.  “Engineers need to be environmentally conscious,” reported ouzo.  Adds Vaupel, “It is one thing to say you want to make a difference, but it’s another to work towards that.

For more information please contact:

Keith Sheppard
Professor & Associate Dean of Engineering & Science.
Edwin A. Stevens Hall
Room 216
Phone: 201.216.5260
Fax: 201.216.8372

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