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Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate

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Objectives of the Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate

  • Provide a holistic, systems perspective to the impact of human activity on the environment, including the role of engineering.
  • Educate students in the concepts of sustainable development and industrial ecology.
  • Provide insight into sustainability tools and metrics such as life cycle analysis and ecological footprint.
  • Show how engineering decisions, particular with regard to design, can support sustainability goals.
  • Develop awareness of the ethical, economic, social and political dimensions that influence sustainability.
The Certificate is an interdisciplinary program which can also provide a foundation for continued study to a Masters degree in one of several programs/tracks, including those existing and pending in Infrastructure Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Systems and in Technology, Policy & Ethics

Content of the Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate

The Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate consists of five courses. These comprise:

  • a core technical foundation course
  • two technical electives that can be chosen to provide a focus area
  • a systems engineering elective
  • a policy elective
The courses listed for the systems elective represent a spectrum from the more applied Infrastructure Systems, though Systems Engineering to the more abstract Systems thinking course. This allows a student who may be considering the Certificate as a platform for continuing graduate study to tailor the selection to the track they anticipate following beyond the Certificate. The same concept can also be applied to policy and technical elective selection.

Sustainable Engineering Study Plan

Online Through Stevens WebCampus

A professional with a bachelor's degree can earn the Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate online, delivered by the same superior faculty who teach in conventional settings. Students receive the finest professional education using rich Internet features supporting engaging instruction and in-depth participation. At present, the number of Sustainable Engineering courses available through WebCampus is limited relative to the on-campus option, but the offerings are broad and serve diverse industries and professional needs.


Sustainable engineering is the process of using energy and resources at a rate that does not compromise the natural environment, or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” - Wikipedia


Core course

  • EN 530 Sustainable Engineering (Fall)
Technical Electives
Two elective courses from the following - these can provide a focus area:

Civil & Structures
  • CM 560 Sustainable Design (Spring)
  • CM 561 Green Construction (Fall)
  • PA 5XX Fundamentals of Analysis for Sustainable Building Systems (pending approval)
  • PA 6XX Advanced Analysis for Sustainable Building Systems (pending approval)
  • EN 575 Environmental Biology (Fall)
  • EN 545 Environmental Impact Analysis and Planning (Fall)
  • EN 547 Project Life Cycle Management (Under Development)
  • EN 548 Environmental Compatibility in Design and Manufacturing (Spring)
  • PEP 575 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation and Climate (Spring)

Power & Energy
  • E 580 Sustainable Energy (Spring)
  • ME 510 Power Plant Engineering (Fall)
  • MT 518 Solar Energy: Theory & Application (Spring)
  • MT 528 Solar Energy: System Design (Fall)
  • PME 537 Sustainable Design and Operation for FDA Regulated Facilities (Spring)

Systems Engineering Elective
Choose one from:
  • SYS 625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering (Spring)
  • ES 684 Systems Thinking (Fall & Spring)
  • ES 690 Introduction to Infrastructure Systems (Fall)

Policy Elective
Choose one from:
  • CAL 510 Foundations of Technology and Policy
  • CAL 580 Environmental Ethics
  • CAL 581 Environmental Policy
Audience: Any student with a Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline, others by review.

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