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Green Engineering Minor

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The application of the principles by which engineers have a positive impact on sustainability is known as sustainable engineering or, more colloquially, green engineering. The latter terminology resonates with resurging interest in the environmental impact of human activity and the associated “green” approaches in mitigating them. While elements of sustainable engineering permeate the broad-based Stevens undergraduate engineering programs, the scope is somewhat limited. We encourage any student, who wishes to explore sustainable approaches to engineering in some depth, to pursue a minor program.

Green Engineering Minor Objectives

Provide a holistic, systems perspective to the impact of human activity on the environment, including the role of engineering. Educate students in the concepts of sustainable development and industrial ecology. Provide insight into sustainability tools and metrics such as life cycle analysis and ecological footprint. Show how engineering decisions, particular with regard to design, can support sustainability goals. Develop awareness of the ethical, economic, social and political dimensions that influence sustainability.

Green Engineering Minor Content

The Green Engineering Minor consists of six courses, three of which are required as core. These core courses comprise a two-course technical foundation (Sustainable Engineering and Sustainable Energy) plus one contextual course (Environmental Policy: Economic & Philosophical Issues). This is followed by two technical electives which can also provide a sustainable engineering focus area. An elective contextual course completes the Minor.  It should be noted that some of the courses taken towards the minor might also be applicable to meet Humanities/Social Science as well as General Education course requirements where appropriate.

Engineering Minor General Requirements

  • A minimum of two courses are required beyond those needed to meet the requirements of the student’s BE degree (including general electives)
  • A minimum course grade of C in a minor course is required for it to count
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to commence the minor program

Must be an undergraduate engineering junior.

Green Engineering Minor Study Plan

"Green engineering is a growing field"
Matt Fitzsimmons ’09
Mechanical Engineering

Sustainable Global Impact

Courses for the Minor

Green Engineering Minor - Core
  • EN 530 Sustainable Engineering (was EN301) (Fall)
  • E580 Sustainable Energy (was E380) (Spring)
  • HPL 480 Environmental Policy: Philosophical and Economic Issues (Fall)

E580 requires a core thermodynamics course (E234, ChE234 or ME234) or equivalent as a pre-requisite.

Green Engineering Minor - Technical Electives

Two technical electives are required from the following (as available).  The technical electives can create a focus area. A Minor technical elective might also be applied to the major degree program if it meets the program's requirements.

Civil & Structures

  • CE 304 Water Resources Engineering (Spring)
  • CM 560 Sustainable Design (Spring)
  • CM 561 Green Construction (Fall)
  • PA 5XX Fundamentals of Analysis for Sustainable Building Systems (pending approval)


  • EN 375 Environmental Systems (Spring)
  • EN 575 Environmental Biology (Fall)
  • ME 532 Air Pollution Principles and Control (Spring)

Power & Energy

  • ME 510 Power Plant Engineering (Fall)
  • ME 518 Solar Energy: Principles & Applications (Spring)


  • PME 537 Sustainable Design and Operation for FDA Regulated Facilities (Spring)

NOTE: Capstone Design with significant "green" content can replace a technical elective if approved by the Green Engineering Minor Coordinator"

Green Engineering Minor - Contextual Elective

One contextual course is the core course noted above:

  • HPL 480 Environmental Policy: Philosophical and Economic Issues

Select one additional contextual elective from the following approved list:

General Elective

  • HUM 320 Science and the Media (Spring)
  • EM 385 Innovative System Design (Spring)
  • PEP 575 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation and Climate (Spring)
  • EN 587 Environmental Law and Management (Fall)


  • HPL 370 Philosophy of Technology (Fall – alternates with HPL 380)
  • HPL 380 Environmental Ethics (Fall – alternates with HPL 370)