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Green Advances at Stevens

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Stevens Goes Green

Stevens Institute - a leading technological university - recognizes the critical role that its faculty, students and staff can play in addressing environmental sustainability issues. Scientists and engineers are responsible for many of the decisions that directly or indirectly influence all phases of the life cycle of products and other technologies that we employ in our everyday lives in the developed world and increasingly in the developing world.  These technologies have been a key factor in how humans have negatively influenced the environment in modern times.  Technology, along with enlightened practices, are also vital in reducing the negative impact of human endeavors and the depletion of environmental resources

Educating engineers and scientists to recognize how their decisions can impact sustainability is a critical role of the Institute. Stevens now offers a minor in Green Engineering that can be taken by any engineering undergraduate and a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Engineering.  There is also a minor in Environmental Engineering.  Our Center for Environmental Systems is a major facility where cutting-edge environmental research is explored.  Students are encouraged to participate in commercialization of environmental technology through Stevens Environmental Entrepreneurship Lab.  Stevens also takes seriously its contribution through reduction of the carbon footprint of the campus and through leading by example with a spectrum of on-campus practices that contribute to environmental sustainability, from recycling to the increasing use of alternate energy sources.

Stevens is a member of the NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability.

The Green@Stevens website provides a resource to connect to the various contributing elements of sustainability education, research, design, and practices at Stevens Institute of Technology and links to related web resources.



Global Footprint Network

Advancing the scientific rigor and practical application of the "Ecological Footprint;" quantifying human demand and nature's capacity to meet them.

Visit their Web site>>

Green Initiatives Committee


The Green Initiatives Committee at Stevens represents all major constituencies on campus and is working to promote green approaches to all facets of the campus  environment, from academics to infrastructure, from purchasing practices to recycling. Most importantly it is fostering a green philosophy which is at the heart of reducing the carbon footprint of the campus and making sustainability a core value.

Green News at Stevens

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The Team was assembled in 2008 to establish a business and marketing plan regarding Stevens Green Recycling Initiatives.

The Stevens Recycling Team has three main objectives:

  1. Audit Stevenís Current Recycling State
  2. Evaluate successful and efficient recycling options for Stevens Campus
  3. Create a future vision that will mobilize Stevens Campus towards positive recycling participation.

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