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    Financing a Stevens Education
    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the annual tuition, including room and board, at Stevens?
    Our annual tuition and fees is $44,666; room and board is $14,214.

    Is financial aid available?
    Yes, there are many types of financial aid available to students, including Institutional aid, federal loans, grants, scholarships and work study opportunities. In fact, 93% of students receive some form of financial aid.

    At graduation, what is the average indebtedness of students?
    The average student indebtedness at graduation is $31,000. However, the average starting salary for the Class of 2013 was $62,400, placing our students well above the national average and giving them an advantage when it comes to loan repayment.

    With regard to Federal aid, what are my options?
    There are many different financial aid loans available to students, including the William D. Ford Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Carl D. Perkins Loan, Federal Work Study, Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant. In addition, the Federal Direct PLUS Loan is available to parents, and there are alternative loans like NJCLASS Loan is available to any student attending college in New Jersey.

    What is the NJCLASS Loan?
    NJCLASS is one of the nation's most flexible supplemental student loan programs for students attending college in New Jersey.  NJCLASS allows students or parents to borrow the money needed to meet the cost of education after all other sources of student aid are exhausted.  There are no annual and/or aggregate loan limits.  NJCLASS may be used for school related expenses including tuition and fees, books, supplies, and room and board.

    For more information about this loan, including how to apply and deadlines, please visit

    How do I apply for Federal Loans?
    Federal Loans are awarded to eligible students who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be completed prior to Stevens deadline (February 15 for incoming freshmen) in order to be considered for Federal aid. Please visit for additional information.

    I’ve heard it’s difficult to obtain student loans given the current state of the economy. Is this true at Stevens?
    No. Because Stevens is a direct lender our loans are administered through our Financial Aid office directly from the government. Therefore, there are no banks, lending institutions or other third parties involved with loans that our students receive.

    Are scholarships available for all four-years?
    Yes. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and are automatically considered at the time of acceptance. We also offer specialized scholarships that students can apply for, including the DeBaun Scholarship, the FIRST Scholarship, the SAE Scholarship, and the Science and Technology Center Volunteer Scholarship.

    More information about these scholarships, in addition to specific information about how to apply for each, can be found at

    Does Stevens offer any other type of financial aid, and if so, how do I apply for that?
    To be considered for Stevens grant aid, students must file the CSS/PROFILE. The PROFILE allows us to assess comprehensive picture of a family’s financial situation so that we can award aid in a fair and timely manner. Deadlines for completion of PROFILE vary based on whether you are applying for early or regular decision. For more information, please visit

    Are there ways for students to earn pocket money to help pay for daily living expenses?
    There are several options of paid opportunities for students while at Stevens. One option is Federal Work Study, which is a need-based financial aid program through which the federal government provides funds to Stevens that permit us to create job opportunities for our eligible students. These opportunities will be awarded by the information provided to us on the FAFSA and the CSS/PROFILE and typically pay an hourly wage of $9.00. Additionally, a number of on-campus offices have non-work study jobs available where students receive compensation in the same range directly from the department. Students can also participate in cooperative education, where they alternate semesters of classroom study with full-time semesters of paid, professional employment directly related to their studies and career goals.

    What kind of professional opportunities are available to students?
    A Stevens’ education is complemented by access to and engagement in professional practice concurrent with students completing their degrees. These opportunities include cooperative education, internships, and research, through which students can gain real-life work experience in professional settings or participate in research projects designed to bolster their studies. Through these opportunities, students have the potential to earn between $12 - $23 per hour.

    Cooperative education was mentioned as both a paid and professional opportunity. Can you tell me more about co-op education?
    Co-op helps students confirm their choice of discipline, clarify their career goals, and earn an average salary of $10,000 per co-op term to pay part of their college expenses. Given the co-op schedule, students are on campus for five years, alternating between semesters of coursework and semesters of professional experience, allowing the four-year tuition costs to be stretched over five years. For additional information, please visit

    If I would like more information, is there a website I can visit or someone I can speak with?
    Of course! We are committed to making the process of choosing – and paying for – college as easy as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us at 800-458-5323 or or visit our website at

    One Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030