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    Prospective Undergraduate Students

    Stevens holds a strong commitment to a campus community that is both academically gifted and socially and economically diverse. We feel that no deserving student should be denied an opportunity to take advantage of what Stevens has to offer due to financial restraints on the student or his or her family. Our financial aid programs demonstrate that commitment.

    The mission of the Financial Aid Office is to identify financial resources and to provide those resources to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue their educational and professional goals. The Office strives to facilitate the financial aid process by educating students and prospective students about the availability of financial aid, as well as by providing common sense solutions and alternatives in educational financing. The Financial Aid staff is committed to ensuring the highest quality of service to Stevens students. This involves evaluating each studentís aid application individually, in addition to the continual assessment of the financial aid application, awarding, and disbursement processes.

    Stevens offers a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, financing options and employment opportunities to help make even a prestigious, private education a reality for any deserving student. Students are considered for both scholarships (based on the studentís academic performance) and grants (eligibility for which is determined by the studentís and familyís financial circumstances). In addition, a wide range of loans and popular financing options are available, with programs for both students and parents to borrow long-term loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans. We also provide interest-free monthly payment plans that require no borrowing. Students may also be able to earn money through employment opportunities, both on and off campus.

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