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    Student Loans

    Stevens offers graduate students the option to borrow from a variety of loan programs that offer flexible repayment, low interest rates and funding sufficient to cover tuition, fees and normal living expenses. Federal Direct Student Loans are available to matriculated students taking at least six credits per semester who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Resident Aliens. In order to find out if you qualify, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This universal financial aid application can be completed on hard copy (available from the Student Service Center or many public libraries) or online at Information you provide on this form is forwarded to Stevens (use school code number 002639 to identify Stevens as the school to which your information is sent), and upon receipt, a staff member will determine your eligibility and notify you in writing.

    Qualified students may receive up to $20,500 annually from the Federal Direct Student Loan program; a maximum of $8,500 of that amount is available without accrual of interest while the student is enrolled (known as Subsidized Loans). The amount of loan subsidy for which each student qualifies varies, and you may borrow less if you wish. The difference between the maximum $20,500 and the amount of the Subsidized Loan can be borrowed as an Unsubsidized Loan, on which interest accrues during enrollment. That interest can be paid quarterly or capitalized (added back to the principal). Subsidized loans do not have to be repaid (interest or principal) until six months after you leave school or cease enrollment on at least a half-time basis. Borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note and an Entrance Interview. This promissory note typically needs to be completed only once during your enrollment at Stevens and can be completed online at The Entrance Interview can also be completed online at Once these requirements are completed, the loan is credited to your account (no earlier than approximately 2-3 weeks into the semester), and if the loan disbursement creates a credit balance, a refund check is issued to you by mail.

    Some students who receive any type of Federal aid or loan may be required to submit documentation to the Student Service Center in order to verify the information on the FAFSA. This documentation may include, but is not necessarily limited to, photocopies of federal income tax returns, W2 forms and citizenship documents, such as Permanent Resident Alien cards (a/k/a "green cards").

    For students who do not meet the criteria for Federal Student Loan programs, such as international students, loans from private sources can be borrowed to meet all or most of your annual costs. These private loans, also known as alternative loans, are not based on financial need, but in most cases a credit check is completed by the lender in order to determine eligibility. Stevens does not play a role in determining who is eligible to borrow these funds. Please note that, although several of these programs are available to international students, in some cases a co-signer who is a US citizen is required. These loans are also generally available to students who have not yet matriculated into a degree program (or do not intend to), and also to students taking fewer than the six credits per semester required for Federal Loans.

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