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    Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements
    In order to be eligible for Financial Aid at Stevens Institute of Technology you must:

    • Have a high school diploma or a GED certificate
    • Be admitted as a student at Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States
    • Be registered for at least 6 credits (for federal aid purposes)
    • Be accepted and enrolled into a degree seeking program
    • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress in your studies (see criteria below)
    • Not be in default on student loans received at any schools
    • Be registered for the Selective Service if male
    Satisfactory Academic Progress

    Federal, state, and institutional guidelines mandate that financial aid recipients meet Stevens' standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These standards are as follows:

    Year   # of semesters   Minimum # of
    credits upon
      Minimum GPA
    four year undergraduates:
    1   2   20   1.5
    2   4   48   2.0
    3   6   72   2.0
    4   8   96   2.0
    five year undergraduates:
    1   2   20   1.5
    2   3   36   1.7
        4   48   2.0
    3   5   60   2.0
        6   72   2.0
    4   8   96   2.0
    5   10   120   2.0

    Please note that these are only minimum standards for progress, and more credits per term will be required to complete degree requirements on time. SAP is monitored annually by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Academics , following completion of the Spring semester.

    These standards apply to all aid recipients and all types of federal, state, and institutional aid. Students who fail to meet these standards, after review by the Dean, will be considered ineligible for all forms of financial aid until the standards are met by completion of a sufficient number of credits and/or meeting the minimum GPA.

    Once a merit scholarship is cancelled or reduced, it will not be reinstated in subsequent years in the event the minimum GPA is attained. If a student is placed on probation, he/she will be instructed by the Dean's office as to the minimum standards to be met for continuation of his/her financial aid.

    Any student notified that s/he is not making SAP may appeal the decision based on either extenuating circumstances or meeting standards by the completion of courses in the first Summer session. Grades or credits from the second Summer session cannot be used to attain SAP for the Fall term immediately following. Appeals must be made to the SAP Appeals Committee, using a form available from the Office of Financial Aid.

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