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    Direct Federal Student Loan Terms and Conditions

    All Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans are solely in the student's name, which means you are the only individual responsible for paying them back.

    After your loans are disbursed to your account, you will receive notification from one of the Federally contracted servicers. The servicer is responsible for managing all aspects of your Federal Direct Loans. You will receive periodic notifications from the servicer once you enter your grace period or repayment period. You can visit the National Student Loan Database to determine who your servicer is and how to contact them, as well as view details on all of your Federal Direct Loans.

    When you graduate, withdraw or drop below part-time status your direct loans enter your grace period, in which no payment from you is required. When you make one of the three listed changes to your enrollment, you will need to complete Exit Counseling at to review your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. When your grace period ends, you must start to make payments toward your direct loans. These payments will be made to your Federal Servicer.

    The standard repayment period for direct loans is 10 years, although the Department of Education offers several different options for repayment that can increase the time of repayment, and change the amount of each payment you are required to make. It is recommended that you review all the repayment options available to you at the to determine which is available option is best for you.

    For sample repayment schedules and charts please go to

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