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    Alternative Financing Options

    Stevens offers a wide range of financial aid programs from institutional, federal, state, and private sources; however students and families may find that these programs do not cover all of their educational costs. With this in mind, Stevens participates in a variety of financing options and payment plans, so families who need assistance in addition to the aid already offered, or even those who may not qualify for any traditional aid, still have resources available to them to make these expenses more manageable.

    The following lenders have been placed on our Financial Aid website because they provide exceptional customer service, competitive rates and financing options that provide a wide range of borrower benefits. Neither Stevens Institute of Technology nor its staff members receive any remuneration from these lenders for placement on our website. Families may choose one of the lenders below or may utilize an alternative lender of their choice.

    Students and/or parents who elect to borrow an alternative loan must complete a Self-Certification form at Once you have completed the form please submit directly to the alternative loan lender.

    We provide a number of lender options on this page so that students and their families can have a good starting point when beginning the process of comparing loans. There are many student loan providers out there and it is advisable to look at lenders' criteria, rates and repayment options carefully before making a decision.

    Since these programs are subject to change, be sure to check with each provider for the most current information.

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