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DAISY - Data Analysis and Information Security


Directions to lab

Burchard Building 200
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030

DAISY Lab at Burchard Building 200 from Google directions.

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You can always stop by Prof. Yingying Chen's office at Burchard Building 210 to have an inspired research discussion!

As wireless and sensor networks continue to have an important impact on our life and eventually become a part of our social fabric, the network infrastructure will increasingly become the tempting targets for malicious attacks. Further, with the huge amount of information transmitted over the networks and eventually displayed in the Internet, the main question that people asked about is what should constitute "fair use" of the information. The Data Analysis and Information SecuritY (DAISY) Laboratory  focuses on both addressing the problems in information security, system privacy, and data integrity using statistical approaches and machine learning techniques, as well as building test beds to facilitate research in these areas.

Current Research Areas:

  • Cyber Security and Privacy
    • wireless security
    • smartphone privacy
    • secure localization
    • smart grid security
    • cognitive radio security
  • Mobile Healthcare and its Security Issues
  • Mobile Computing
    • mobile social networks
    • vehicular applications
  • Pervasive Computing
    • indoor localization
    • device-free passive localization
    • Location Based Services
    • Internet of Things (LoT)
  • Wireless Networks and Sensor Networks

Lab pictures


TPC Co-Chairs (Prof. Wenjing Lou and Prof. Wade Trappe) present the best paper runner-up award of the CNS 2013 our paper "Towards Self-Healing Smart Grid via Intelligent Local Controller Switching under Jamming." (From left to right: Prof. Wenjing Lou, Prof. Yingying Chen, Prof. Wade Trappe, and Prof. Jie Yang).

Yan Wang received the Student Research Competition (SRC) Award from ACM MobiCom 2013 (from left to right: with Prof. Marco Gruteser, Prof. Yingying Chen, Yan Wang, and Prof. Jie Yang).

MobiCom SRC: Yan Wang received the medal of the Student Research Competition Award.

MobiCom SRC: Yan Wang is presenting on the 1-minute madness session.


New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame Innovator Award 2012. (In the middle of the picture is Dr. Steven Chu, the Secretary of Dept. Energy, who has received the Trustees Award in NJ Inventors HoF).


With Dr. Jeong Kim, Bell Labs President.

Mobicom 2011, Best Paper Award, Jie Yang, Rich Martin, Yingying Chen, Marco Gruteser.

Mobicom 2011, Jie Yang, Yingying Chen, Kang Shin (the other Best Paper Award), Chunyi Peng (beep-beep paper), Xingbing Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong University).


Group discussion in DAISY lab.

Group members learning wireless sensors.

Various wireless sensors and smartphones. 

2009 and before

DAISY lab pictures taken at Stevens Institute of Technology.

DAISY lab pictures taken at Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Yingying Chen
Associate Professor & NIS Graduate Program Director (RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cyber security, mobile computing, mobile healthcare, cognitive radio networks)
Room 210
Phone: 201.216.8066
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