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Policy Guidebook


The conference materials will include a draft outline for a Global Cybersecurity Policy Guidebook. The Policy Guidebook will include a taxonomy and thesaurus of current cybersecurity policy issues, a thorough description of each issue, and a corresponding list of pros and cons with respect to identified stances on the issues. It will document policy alternatives for the sake of clarity with respect to policy alone, and will not dive deeply into technical or organizational implementation issues. The intent is to explain the impact of cybersecurity policy decisions across sectors of the economy from DoD and DHS to medicine, transportation, finance, electric power, law enforcement, and Internet commerce. The perspective is that of the non-expert corporate executive, legislator, jurist, and military commander.

The draft Policy Guidebook is being generated from existing studies and analyses translated from technical jargon to the CEO perspective as well as by the commentary of our well informed and distinguished panelists. In addition, suggestions for inclusion in the guidebook from registered participants may take the form of position papers, corporate capabilities statements, commentary, and critique, subject to a five page limit per registrant. The guidebook therefore will include cyberpolicy issues of concern to governments and industry stakeholders in global markets with diverse legislative, operational, and regulatory contexts.

See the conference home page Framework and Key Questions to better understand how the conference Panels contribute to the guidebook.

Your contributions to the Conference Record are crucial. Each registrant will be provided with a copy of the complete Conference Record as well as the Policy Guidebook draft outline with the opportunity to contribute to the Policy Guidebook and to critique the final draft. The final draft will also be critiqued and reviewed by selected cybersecurity experts. The completed Global Cybersecurity Policy Guidebook will be distributed to all conference participants. The Policy Guidebook has been proposed to be published after the conference.

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