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Speaker List
Gregory Crabb
Inspector in Charge, US Postal Inspection Service, Criminal Investigations for Cyber

Gregory Crabb is an Assistant Inspector in Charge at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, responsible for the Global Cyber Investigations program of the agency. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is the law enforcement branch of the U.S. Postal Service and enforces criminal statutes to protect the use of the nation's mail system. Globalization and e-commerce have increased the role of the U.S. Postal Service to provide products and services to meet customer demand. Inspector Crabb has played a leading role in the area of cyber investigations and security. In this role, he leads information security and law enforcement professionals that are focused on cyber security issues. He manages the Postal Inspection Service's commitment to the National Cyber Forensic and Training Alliance. Recently, the Postal Inspection Service nearly doubled the size of the facility through a multi-year investment of resources and personnel.

The National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance ( headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania provides a neutral collaborative venue where critical confidential information about cyber incidents can be shared discreetly, and where resources can be shared among industry, academia and law enforcement. The center is staffed with law enforcement professionals from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the United States Postal Inspection Service. A number of private industry participants discreetly share their information concerning cyber incidents with law enforcement and researchers. The center also draws upon the talent from local universities to maximize its analytical capability.

For the last ten years, Inspector Crabb has held a number of positions within the Postal Inspection Service devoted to the investigation of international Cyber crime impacting the U.S. Mail, business partners of the U.S. Postal Service and the private express couriers. Many of these crimes have involved credit card and identity takeover schemes. The primary focus of his work has been Eastern European and Nigerian organized crime. He has worked with law enforcement throughout Eastern Europe in the conduct investigations of complex computer hacking, credit card fraud, intellectual property and reshipping schemes. His positions have included:

  • Program Manager, Global Cyber Investigations
  • Assistant Director, Economic Crimes, Washington National Central Bureau, Interpol (detail)
  • National Credit Card Fraud Coordinator (detail)
  • Projects Coordinator, International Fraud, San Francisco
  • Inspector, USSS San Francisco Electronic Crimes Task Force
  • Inspector, Internet Fraud Specialist, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Cyber Security Threat Assessment October 22, 2007

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