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This section provides additional discussion of the conference objectives and outcomes.

  • The Threat: From cyber punks to criminal gangs, to state sponsors of intrusion and attack, the Internet is the great equalizer, the ultimate level playing field. Identity theft, banking and economics manipulation, and destruction of physical property by virtual means are not very expensive and do not require huge investments in people or facilities, resulting in myriad threats of all shapes and sizes.
  • Objective: This unique conference addresses cyber policy across academic, industrial, government and media estates for in-depth understanding of policy implications.
  • Key Issues: How does Government defend against the loss of critical national infrastructure connected to an Internet that is global in scope and occupied by criminals, violent factions, and honest citizens alike? What are the rules of engagement for US forces engaged in cyberwar to work cooperatively with owners of US critical infrastructure? How can we balance privacy, constitutional rights and protection of critical infrastructure from threats posed by a determined and technically competent adversary?
  • Products: Global Cybersecurity Policy Guidebook 0.1 for registered participants.
  • What this is Not: There are many cybersecurity conferences for the security specialist and CIO, but few that address the perspective of corporate CEO, vice president and general manager, small business owner; military commander, police chief, or legislator. This is not a forum for industry experts to debate optimal technology implementation strategies or best practices in organizational structure, but rather a forum to discuss and debate CEO-level policy alternatives.
  • Academic Contributions: Stevens Institute of Technology offers a neutral academic setting with no funding from the Government or corporations to prejudice the moderation or outcomes so that the many voices can come together in the first comprehensive dialog on cybersecurity policy foundations and implications. This conference will contribute to the much needed public debate on cybersecurity policies that reach across commerce, education, defense, intelligence, and public media policy. It will also provide the first comprehensive guidebook on policy issues in cybersecurity. This conference therefore will be the premiere cybersecurity event shaping informed evolution of public cyber security policy for decades to come.
  • Charge to the Panelists: Each panel identifies the social contracts for which the CEO is responsible (e.g. shareholder value, public trust), how cyberspace impacts these responsibilities, policy imperatives and practical constraints for the near, mid, and far term.
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