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Critical Questions

Current legislation includes mandates for CIOs to enhance corporate infrastructure to future NIST standards for networks and certified administrators. The CEO and shareholders may prefer that the funds to meet these mandates be employed instead to improve productivity, return on investment or research. This conference will help policy makers understand the full range of issues as expert speakers and panelists in panels organized by segment of the economy address the following key questions:

  • Of the many known cyber security threats from credit card fraud and identity theft to unauthorized access to infrastructure control networks, which are being addressed effectively in your segment of the economy by the private sector today?
  • Which threats and challenges may require public-private partnership?
  • Which threats and other cybersecurity issues may require Government mandates?
  • Should cybersecurity mandates by differentiated by segment of the economy?
  • Which sectors of our economy are most in need of continuing and increased protection?
    • Energy: electric power, smart grids; oil and natural gas?
    • Transportation: airspace; ports; roads, tunnels, and bridges?
    • National defense and globalization?
    • Finance, banking, commerce, or Internet Service Providers, or something else?
  • What privacy or other constitutional guarantees are at risk in alternatives to cybersecurity?
  • From the CEO/ General Officer (GO) perspective, what innovations are needed from network hardware, software, and services providers?
  • From the CEO/GO perspective, what innovations are needed from the cybersecurity community?

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