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Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Graduate Courses

Chemical Engineering
CHE 501Mass and Energy Balances, Stagewise Operations
CHE 502Transport Phenomena
CHE 503Introduction to Chemical Engineering III
CHE 504Safety of Pilot Plants and Research Operations
CHE 520Chem/Material Eng Thermodynamics
CHE 521Chemical and Materials Thermodynamics
CHE 530Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
CHE 531/ PME 531 Process Safety Management
CHE 535Good Manufacturing Practice in Pharmaceutical Facilities Design
CHE 539/ PME 539/ ME 539 Bioprocess Technology in API Manufacturing
CHE 540Validation and Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
CHE 541Validation of Computerized Systems
CHE 555/ MT 555/ NANO 555/ EN 555/ CH 555 Catalysis and Characterization of Nanoparticles
CHE 560Fundamentals of Polymer Science
CHE 564Microprocessors in Process Control
CHE 580Biofuels Engineering Technology
CHE 610Process Synthesis, Analysis and Design
CHE 611Design of Separation Processes
CHE 612Stagewise Operations
CHE 613Similarity & Scaling
CHE 620Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 628Manufacturing and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dosage Products
CHE 630/ PME 639 Theory of Transport Processes
CHE 638Chemical Technology Processes in API Manufacturing
CHE 639/ PME 639/ ME 639 Modeling and Simulation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Systems
CHE 641New Separation Processes
CHE 646Biopharmaceuticals Facilities Design
CHE 649Design of Water, Steam, and CIP Utility Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
CHE 650Reactor Design
CHE 652Environmental Catalysis
CHE 653Design of PAT Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
CHE 660Advanced Process Control
CHE 662Chemical Process Simulation
CHE 670/ MT 670 Polymer Properties and Structure
CHE 671Polymer Rheology
CHE 672Processing of Polymers for Biomedical Applications
CHE 673Polymerization Engineering
CHE 674Design of Polymer Processing Machinery
CHE 675Polymer Blends and Composites
CHE 676Polymer Mold and Die Design
CHE 677Polymer Product Design
CHE 678Experimental Methods in Polymer Melt Rheology
CHE 682Colloids and Interfacial Phenomena
CHE 695/ BME 695/ NANO 695 Bio/Nano Photonics
CHE 700/ BME 700/ MT 700 Seminar in Chemical Engineering
CHE 701-702Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering III-IV
CHE 703Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering
CHE 704Advanced topics in applied mathematics - mathematical modeling and solution
CHE 707Curriculum Practical Training
CHE 770-771Selected Topics in Polymer Science and Engineering III-IV
CHE 800Special Problems in Chemical Engineering
CHE 801Special Problem in Chemical Engineering
CHE 802Special Problem in Chemical Engineering
CHE 810Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 900Thesis in Chemical Engineering
CHE 950Chemical Engineer Design Product
CHE 960Research in Chemical Engineering

Materials Science
MT 501Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
MT 502Processing of Electronic Materials
MT 503/ EE 503/ PEP 503 Introduction to Solid State Physics
MT 505/ BME 505 Introduction to Biomaterials
MT 506Mechanical Behavior of Solids
MT 507/ EE 507/ PEP 507 Introduction to Microelectronics and Photonics
MT 515/ PEP 515/ EE 515 Photonics I
MT 516/ PEP 516/ EE 516 Photonics II
MT 518Solar Energy: Theory & Application
MT 520/ ME 520 Composite Materials
MT 521Chemical and Materials Thermodynamics
MT 522The Science and Technology of Thin Films
MT 524Introduction to Surface Science
MT 525/ PEP 525 Techniques of Surface Analysis
MT 528Solar Energy: System Designs
MT 533Environmental Degradation of Materials
MT 535Selection of Engineering Materials
MT 544Introduction to Electron Microscopy
MT 545Plasma Processing
MT 555/ CHE 555/ NANO 555/ EN 555/ CH 555 Catalysis and Characterization of Nanoparticles
MT 561/ PEP 561/ EE 561 Solid State Electronic for Engineering I
MT 562/ EE 562/ PEP 562 Solid State Electronics for Engineeing II
MT 570/ PEP 580 Electronic Materials and Devices
MT 585/ EE 585/ PEP 585 Physical Design of Wireless Systems
MT 595/ EE 595/ PEP 595 Reliability and Failure of Solid State Devices
MT 596/ EE 596/ PEP 596 Microfabrication Techniques
MT 601Structure and Diffraction
MT 602/ NANO 602 Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis
MT 603Thermodynamics and Reaction Kinetics of Solids
MT 621Thermodynamics of Materials
MT 626/ EE 626/ NIS 626/ PEP 626 Optical Communication Systems
MT 650Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MT 670/ CHE 670 Polymer Properties and Structure
MT 685/ PEP 685 Physical Design of Wireless Systems
MT 690/ CPE 690/ PEP 690/ EE 690 Introduction to VLSI Design
MT 700/ CHE 700/ BME 700 Seminar in Materials Engineering
MT 707Curriculum Practical Training
MT 800Special Problems in Materials
MT 801Special Problems in Materials
MT 810Special Topics in Materials
MT 900Thesis in Materials
MT 960Research in Materials

NANO 503/ PEP 503 Introduction to Solid State Physics
NANO 525/ CH 525/ NANO 625 Techniques of Surface and Nanostructure Characterization
NANO 553/ PEP 553 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
NANO 554/ PEP 554 Quantum Mechanics I
NANO 555/ CHE 555/ MT 555/ EN 555/ CH 555 Catalysis and Characterization of Nanoparticles
NANO 570/ EN 570 Environmental Chemistry
NANO 571/ EN 571 Physicochemical Processes for Environmental Control
NANO 596/ MT 596/ EE 596/ PEP 596 Fabrication Techniques for Micro and Nano Devices
NANO 600Nanoscale Science and Technology
NANO 602/ MT 602 Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis
NANO 610/ EN 610 Health and Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology
NANO 615Crystallization of Biological Molecules
NANO 625/ NANO 525/ CH 525 Techniques of Surface and Nanostructure Characterization
NANO 650/ BME 650 Advanced Biomaterials
NANO 652/ ME 653 Design and Fabrication of Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems
NANO 653Nanocatalysis
NANO 672/ CH 672 Polymers at Solid-Liquid Interfaces
NANO 674/ CH 674 Polymer Functionality
NANO 675/ BME 675 Nanomedicine
NANO 680/ ME 680 Fundamentals of Micro/Nano Fluidics
NANO 682/ CHE 682 Colloids and Interfacial Phenomena at the Nanoscale
NANO 685/ BME 685 Nanobiotechnology
NANO 690/ CH 690 Cellular Signal Transduction
NANO 691/ PEP 691 Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Nanostructures
NANO 695/ CHE 695/ BME 695 Bio/Nano Photonics
NANO 700Seminar in Nanotechnology
NANO 701/ CE 702 Multiscale Mechanics and Computational Methods
NANO 702Microchemical Systems
NANO 740/ PEP 740 The Physics of Nanostructures
NANO 810Special Topics in Nanotechnology

Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
CHE 615Separation Processes in Pharmaceutical Industry
CHE 621Pharmaceutical Mixing
CHE 661Design of Control Systems
CHE 681Pharmaceutical Reaction Engineering



Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Undergraduate Courses

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