Introductions – Virginia Keating

You know, I always thought about starting a blog, but never got around to it.  I’m not really sure how to make this interesting for you guys to read.  I suppose I could start by ending this awkward introduction, right? Anyway, I’m a freshman from East Brunswick, New Jersey majoring in Literature and minoring in Chemical Biology.  After Stevens I plan on attending veterinary school, as has been my goal since I was two years old.  (more…)

Introductions – Sebastian Castrillon

Hello Everyone,

Sandy made quite an impact on life here at Stevens. The last few days have not been easy. My name is Juan Sebastian Castrillon (I go by Sebastian) and I am one of the CAL bloggers who is going to show everyone what life is like at Stevens, how important the Humanities are, and how important the interactions between one another (or from one group to another) are in this world. (more…)

Introductions – Rob Ranalli

What’s a duck to do on a blog? Quack? This is my first experience with blogging, so hopefully it is something as interesting to read as it will be for me to express. My name is Rob Ranalli, and I’m a busy-body. I am a philosophy and history major who is also working towards his masters of arts in technology, policy and ethics; and that’s just the beginning! I’m a part of Redshift, the literary magazine; the Law Society; the wrestling team; and my girlfriend is in a sorority, so I guess that makes me part of Greek life, too? (more…)