Introductions – Virginia Keating

You know, I always thought about starting a blog, but never got around to it.  I’m not really sure how to make this interesting for you guys to read.  I suppose I could start by ending this awkward introduction, right? Anyway, I’m a freshman from East Brunswick, New Jersey majoring in Literature and minoring in Chemical Biology.  After Stevens I plan on attending veterinary school, as has been my goal since I was two years old. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “She wants to be a vet and she’s majoring in literature?!”  Seriously, this is EVERYONE’S reaction, but I have a good reason!  See, there’s only 28 vet schools in the country; they’re harder to get into than med school.  Everyone who applies is smart, so grades alone won’t help you stand out.  Over the years the number of vets who can’t write a decent research paper to save their lives has increased; consequently, vet schools have added a few more humanities classes to their requirements for admission.  Well, writing just happens to be something at which I’m quite talented.  One day, as I was sitting in high school doodling in my notebook, a thought came to me: what if I majored in literature to stand out from all the biology majors but still met all the prerequisites for vet school?

That’s where Stevens came into play.  It had everything I wanted in a college: close to home, small, not in New York (I’m not a city slicker), and most importantly a way for me to carry out my plan.  And, well, here I am!  The CAL program here is really great: the classes are challenging and thought-provoking, the teachers are all really nice and accessible, and it’s just a lot of fun.

There’s still space left?  I suppose I’ll talk a little more about me, then.  I’ll start with the fact that I’m painfully shy and quiet.  If you ever happen to pass by and strike up a conversation with me I probably won’t say too much, unless you start talking about Batman, My Little Pony, or animals, in which case you probably won’t get me to shut up.  I’m part of the Torch alliance and might join the Philosophy club (I’m still not sure yet).

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my story; at the very least, I hope you weren’t bored to tears.  Have a wonderful day and rest of the semester, and I’m off to write an essay!


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