Introductions – Sebastian Castrillon

Hello Everyone,

Sandy made quite an impact on life here at Stevens. The last few days have not been easy. My name is Juan Sebastian Castrillon (I go by Sebastian) and I am one of the CAL bloggers who is going to show everyone what life is like at Stevens, how important the Humanities are, and how important the interactions between one another (or from one group to another) are in this world.

Let me tell you more about myself. I originally come from Colombia which is located in South America. I left my country about five years ago in order to learn a new language and become a U.S. citizen which are two goals I have accomplished successfully. Since then, I have lived in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, which is located in Bergen County.

I went to Cliffside Park High School where I had a lot of fun, including winning three state championships in soccer – being the captain in two of those, meeting a lot of new great people including who I consider my best friend (he’s like a brother to me now) and, most importantly, working really hard in my studies in order to go to a great institution for my college and let me pursue my ultimate goal and dream of becoming an endocrinologist (Diabetes Doctor) since I have had diabetes since I was 11 years old.

This led me here to Stevens, a great institution located in what I considered a perfect location because it’s right in front of the capital of the world: New York City. Stevens is located in Hoboken, a city full of rich history as well aslife and activity. Here at Stevens, I am part of many clubs, including ACS (Association Chemical Society), SPS, STEP (Stevens Technical Enrichment Program), Soccer Club, LAA (Latin American Association), and SHPE, which is another Spanish association. I also do federal work study with the Stevens Athletic Department. All of these clubs help with the multicultural interactions I have here at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Also, I am part of Greek life and really proud to be a SigEp (Sigma Phi Epsilon). In SigEp you become a better person of yourself as well as a better man. Lastly, I am doing a double major in Chemical-Biology with the requirements of Pre-Med and STS (Science and Technology Studies) here at CAL. In addition, I am doing Clinical Research at Hackensack Medical Center on the subject of Tabacco Cessation.

I am doing all of this in order to achieve my goal of getting into Med school so I can become a Doctor. Finally, I just want to say bye and tell you that Stevens is a great place full of opportunities. Even though it is really hard in the academic side, it is what makes us even better and more knowledgeable than the rest. So please keep following this CAL blog in order to know more about your Stevens life and why we are awesome! Let’s finish this fall semester and celebrate our holidays.


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