Rob Ranalli – AKA Teacher of Philosophy!

Classes get to be a burden, at some point. I have 18 credits – exactly half of which are for my masters – and while the discussions are interesting, the work can get to you. Today in my History of Science and Technology class, we argued about the Stevens Tech Strategic Plan. Without disseminating too much about the discussion (and trying not to get myself into trouble), it was a lively debate about whether managerial hierarchies actually listen to feedback, or if their attempts to open lines of communications are merely a public relations move. My greatest participation came to refute another student who said that as a technology school, lowering standards to allow more students and different majors (especially humanities majors) into the school just hurts the school. I feel guilty about the way I refuted her – and even apologized to a degree – because just as was the case in Bell Labs, letting employees (students are clients but in the case of university research can also act of employees) bump into each other and hare ideas and perspectives is an integral aspect to giving birth to innovations or revelations. Speaking of revelations…

I finally have secured something for the summer: I will be teaching a class during the summer phase for my high school! I am so excited to teach a philosophy elective (summer phase is mandatory for all students, we attend classes for 210 days a year) because I never had the opportunity to learn about philosophy – at a private, religious school no less! I am currently trying to write up a syllabus and focus the class to basic discussions (though hopefully they can lead into higher level discussions).

Otherwise, I am waiting to hear back from other opportunities. But this is all daydreaming for the future. Something else I am looking forward to is my visit to Scranton University next week with some friends. I went last semester and it was fun, but I hear that “Parade Day,” which is their St. Paddy’s Day celebration, is a fun time to visit.  I’m also excited to get to hang out with some of my friends, because while I’m in Hoboken, I have friends in Newark, Roselle, Scranton, and elsewhere – not necessarily close enough to get together often! The future is bright with opportunity, so far, but I don’t want to lose sight of the present while working towards that future.


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