Sebastian Castrillon – Greek Life, Turning 21, and Soccer!

Hello Stevens community once again, this is Juan Sebastian Castrillon, and it has been awhile since the last time we were able to chat. Hence, we have started a new semester, basically starting all over again from zero. Still, this time we have new professors, new classes, new projects, new material and, most importantly, new experiences that can enrich our previous knowledge.

As for myself, I am still playing soccer and we are looking forward to playing regionals this season. I also became an EMT and, with my friend Tushar Patel, we started a new EMT kind of club for basic knowledge for the Stevens students. In addition, as a Chem-Bio major I will be sharing all my experiences by taking biological systems, organic 2, thermodynamics with Prof. Jones, History of Medicine which is a new course in CAL with Prof. Digrius. Thus, I am really looking forward to learning new material this semester and applying all this knowledge in the field of medicine, which is where I want to be part of.

In continuation, I probably forgot to tell you that I am 21 now and subsequently I can enjoy all the privileges of Hoboken now. :) Hoboken is a great place to be in – please do not take it for granted! Even though Stevens is not full of girls, trust me Hoboken has your back so if you are already 21 enjoy, and if you are not then be patient I am sure you are really close to enjoy all the different restaurants, history, and entertainment including bars that Hoboken has to offer you! Finally, I want to tell you about commuting and Greek life which in both cases is great. Greek life never disappoints; bid night was a success where most of Stevens people had a great time.

Commuting has been great except for the fact that sometimes when you have a gap of 3 hours between classes and you don’t have anywhere to go in this cold it could be bad. Thank god that is not my case thanks to SigEp, my fraternity. Consequently, life as a Stevens student has been great and I am sure it will keep giving me new experiences full of joy and knowledge for myself. Good luck to everyone in the semester of spring 2013 and talk to you soon.


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