Juan Rios – Following Your Instinct

Hi everyone!

The end of last semester was fun. I got to play with Arduino, a very friendly open-source prototyping platform, and built a controller made with lasers, IR filters and heart beat sensor, that produced sound, and controlled things such as volume, pitch, frequency swiping, etc. It was a very interesting experience. I recommend you to experiment with it. It is great. I am working on a blog on my website explaining how I did it and what did I use.

These are a couple of pictures from the power supply prototype of the lasers:


Well, my last semester at Stevens has started pretty good. I have lots of ideas, projects, and work to get done before graduation. Yes, it is kind of crazy, and it is a lot of work, but at the same time it is very enjoyable. There is actually something that I would like to talk about, and that I think it is very important. It has been in my mind since the beginning of the year: “following your instinct”.

Instinct, that little voice that you can usually hear it deep inside you, and that it is actually right all the time. It tells you, “hey that is wrong”, or “that is right”, or “just do it, do it , do it!” So, what does instinct has to do with music or any other art? I want to share what my instinct told me. It told me to look for:

“That moment when you are invincible, when nothing else matters, and you are one with the wind. When words don’t matter and silence is enough. That moment in which, only for a second, you got a taste for perfection by just following your Instincts.

Sometimes, we believe that success lies behind a routine surrounded by money without realizing that real success lies in what consumes every inch of our being. That feeling that takes us to the borderline of madness, the depth of frustration but, overall, that leads to satisfaction on what we’ve created. The energy that motivates us to keep moving forward towards our dreams without complaints, without excuses, without barriers. It is being willing to jump fearless to the unknown leaving aside our fear to fall, to miss out on opportunities, to fail to impress others or letting someone down.

We are convinced that power lies in following the masses, instead of believing in our own interior melody. Power lies in what moves us to be free to follow what we believe in, and stretches our souls disarming us. Those who are willing to take risks, are in control of their future, because their passion is what makes their life have sense.

It is what makes my life and decisions have a little more sense.

See you around guys!



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