Virginia Keating – New Semester Resolutions

Welcome to a new semester, Stevens students!  Well, technically we’re three weeks into the semester, but you know what I mean.  It’s a new beginning:  new classes, new schedules, new tests about which to worry, etc.  Whatever mistakes you made or regrets you have from last semester are in the past.

My schedule this semester is both exciting and intimidating.  On one hand, I got to choose my own classes, two of which are CAL courses: American Renaissance in Literature and Modern Drama.  I’m very excited to be in them, especially because the former primarily focuses on Mark Twain and American humor.  On the other hand, I’m also enrolled in both Physics and Chemistry.  I had, um, “interesting” experiences with both of these subjects in high school; I’m hoping I’ll have a better time with them here than I did in high school. 

My new semester resolution is to spend more time devoted to my studies.  Don’t get me wrong, I did well last semester; I just want to do better this semester.  Do you guys have any new semester resolutions?  I don’t think you can actually answer me (this isn’t tumblr, after all), so I’ll just assume you want to try to improve in at least one area of your college experience.

Since it’s pretty new into the semester, there isn’t too much to say yet; I’m sure that’ll change around midterms, though! Until then (or sooner, if I do another entry before then), I hope you have a great semester!


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