Sebastian Castrillon – Finals Week

Hello again Stevens community this is Sebastian the Colombian soccer player. Last time I posted it was right after hurricane Sandy, which for some of us was a great break, but for others like myself it was horrible because it basically ruined the rhythm of my everyday agenda. Hence it was really hard to come back to the everyday hustle after a week and a half of break, especially when you are involved in sports, clubs, fraternities, and the hard classes we have every day here in Stevens.        

Thus, now we are currently suffering the consequences of Sandy due to the fact that this semester we are going to have to take finals and finish up our classes at the same time. In my case I have my organic lab final followed by a presentation on the Darwinian revolution for my humanities class; right after that I will be attending the Christmas formal at my second house with great, incredible and unique men who I am proud to call my brothers at the SigEp house. Keeping up with my schedule on Wednesday I will be attending a surprise lecture for organic chemistry that we needed to have in order to cover all the material before our two-part final on Thursday. The first part will be in class on Thursday and the second will be a take home honor board exam. Finally, to conclude my week I will be having my third exam, which will be counting as my final exam for cell biology because we do not have enough time to have a final exam.

To sum up, we will be having a lot of studying to do and many long hours to spend in the library, which by the way, they are providing free donuts and hot chocolate sponsored by the honor board. Also, i want to say sorry because I couldn’t concentrate in this blog as I wanted to because of the amount of work we have for this finals week. In addition, I’d like to congratulate all the fall sports, especially soccer for a great season and everyone else for making this semester a great one, full of great experiences such as the return to glory event held recently. Thank you for being a part and helping our Stevens spirit to grow, good luck in your finals, and have wonderful holidays.


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