Rob Ranalli – End of Semester Time!

Crunch time. With less than a week and a half, I have no less than 4 papers (ranging from 4-20 pages), 2 final exams and meetings. As much as I am working to get all of that done, I’m really looking forward to going to Texas – El Paso, specifically. I’m spending the holiday with my girlfriend’s family. I will have to do extra to be ready for my finals, but I think it’ll be well worth it.

I would love to travel, but I haven’t traveled much. I’ve been to Florida once to visit my grandmother and her significant other, and I’ve been to our nation’s capital a handful of times, most recently over the summer while attending Georgetown’s Summer in Washington, Program. I love D.C, I thought it was amazing, but I want to see more. I cannot wait to visit Texas because I get to see the West Coast (El Paso is Mountain Time). I can finally walk into a desert and feel like a cowboy – I don’t know if Frank Sinatra was ever a cowboy, but the more I think about it the more it makes me laugh: an Italian version of John Wayne.

I am looking to apply to Baylor Law School next year so it also helps to get acquainted with that part of the country. Baylor is in Waco on the other side of the state, but the plains are effectively the same, or so I hear. Even though I’ve spent my whole life in big cities (Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken), I’m looking forward to this experience. I have a pipe dream of one day owning a flat or home in Sicily, which is about as country as one can get, so I’m hoping this gives me a good perspective on things. Plus, I think it will be fun to just hang out in Texas and shop at the bodegas and thrift stores with Clair.

So, really I’m just looking forward to the end of tis semester because I know it means I get to relax and enjoy the Southwest!


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