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If you are reading this blog you are probably looking for some information about Stevens Institute of Technology. Look no further! My name is Valentino (Tino) Ivezaj, and I am currently a Sophomore in the Art & Technology major, originally from Fairview, NJ. For the next few months, I will give details on my experience so far at Stevens and give you a student’s perspective. My blog posts might make you laugh, they may even make you cry, but continue reading otherwise I’ll be out of a job.

In my high school years, I attended Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, NJ. A well-known magnet school, BA (as it is also known), gave each of its students the option to pursue a major of their choice for their four years there. Being a 14 year old, not at all qualified to make any decision regarding my future, I chose the Academy for Engineering and Design Technology. While engineering was interesting, I never felt it was my passion, my true calling in life. However, I began to become involved with the Visual Arts program, taking part in the Yearbook club and eventually becoming a Co-Editor for my junior and senior years. It was because of my experiences with Yearbook and graphic design projects I pursued as a hobby of mine that I knew I wanted to pursue graphic design for my career.

Now, picking a school was going to be difficult in various aspects. I had to decide where to go (Did I want to stay local or go to some faraway land?) and what schools were a perfect fit for me, among other things. I had travelled to Boston to look at colleges and being near the city my whole life, schools like NYU and Fordham seemed like home. I was fond of the open campus type of university where you were simply thrust into the world, but also saw the appeal of the closed campus where you were part of a small private community. Stevens became that perfect amalgamation of the the two. The campus still had that closed, intimate feel, but the whole city of Hoboken was just a hop, skip, and jump away as was the grand city of New York. But an art major at an engineering school? The Art & Technology major seemed to fit my situation perfectly well. I had the engineering background and art background and the major brought an engineering flavor to the art that really made everything work well in my opinion.

Currently, I keep myself extremely busy at Stevens. One of my key pieces of advice to remember is just to simply do anything and everything you want. Join those clubs you are interested in or start ones if they aren’t here. Broaden your horizons because being well-rounded is honestly much better than being really really really really really really really really really really really really good at one thing. And also, take time to have some fun with whatever you’re doing.

In my time at Stevens, I’ve become part of various clubs and organizations. Currently, I am President of the Art Installations Club, a club that exhibits student art on campus and around Hoboken. In addition to this, I am Features Editor for The Stute, our student newspaper, a member of TechCreative, a club that essentially works as a design firm, and had the honor of being an Orientation Leader this year. Being an Orientation Leader was a great experience where I met a lot of good friends and simply was asked to be silly and animated for a couple of weeks. I also had the privilege of becoming a brother of the fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa and currently hold the position of Rush Chair, dealing with recruitment. Greek life was something I had not seriously considered before coming to Stevens and my experience with the fraternity has never made me regret my choice. I’ve formed a close bond with all of my brothers and will cherish these relationships for years to come. I’ll probably delve further into Greek life in a later post so stay tuned!

Well, you’re probably tired of reading this, and I probably would be too. I’m kind of tired of typing this out, so this is where we say goodbye. Please, don’t cry too much. I’ll be back in a bit or at least when my next deadline is up.



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