Sebastian Castrillon

Juan Sebastian Castrillon is originally from Colombia. He moved to New Jersey five years ago and graduated from Cliffside Park High School in Bergen County. He is currently doing a double major in Chemical-Biology/Pre-Med and Science and Technology Studies at Stevens. Upon graduation, Juan hopes to go to Medical school and become an Endocrinologist (diabetes Doctor) as he has had diabetes since he was 11 years old.

Sebastian Castrillon – Greek Life, Turning 21, and Soccer!

Hello Stevens community once again, this is Juan Sebastian Castrillon, and it has been awhile since the last time we were able to chat. Hence, we have started a new semester, basically starting all over again from zero. Still, this time we have new professors, new classes, new projects, new material and, most importantly, new experiences that can enrich our previous knowledge. (more…)

Sebastian Castrillon – Finals Week

Hello again Stevens community this is Sebastian the Colombian soccer player. Last time I posted it was right after hurricane Sandy, which for some of us was a great break, but for others like myself it was horrible because it basically ruined the rhythm of my everyday agenda. Hence it was really hard to come back to the everyday hustle after a week and a half of break, especially when you are involved in sports, clubs, fraternities, and the hard classes we have every day here in Stevens.         (more…)

Introductions – Sebastian Castrillon

Hello Everyone,

Sandy made quite an impact on life here at Stevens. The last few days have not been easy. My name is Juan Sebastian Castrillon (I go by Sebastian) and I am one of the CAL bloggers who is going to show everyone what life is like at Stevens, how important the Humanities are, and how important the interactions between one another (or from one group to another) are in this world. (more…)