The Black Student Union's Constitution

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The name of this organization shall be the Black Student Union, herein referred to as the BSU.


The purposes of the BSU at Stevens are:

To meet the needs of our membership at Stevens, as determined by the executive board.

To help promote understanding and good relations among ourselves and the Stevens community.

To stimulate among students an awareness of political, economical, and social forces affecting black people.

To help students develop sound leadership skills.

To stimulate an awareness, appreciation, and development of the black cultural heritage.

ARTICLE III: Duties and Rights of Members

Section 1: Members Definition

Any undergraduate or graduate student, staff, faculty, or administration Stevens Institute of Technology, who has participated as defined in the bylaws of this Constitution, shall be considered a member of the Black Student Union.

Section 2: Types of Members

There are two types of membership:

1. Associate Membership

Associate Members are those who do not pay regular student activity
fees at Stevens (graduate students, staff, faculty, and administration), those undergraduates who have not paid their dues, if mandated by the current executive board, and have attended less than two-thirds of the meetings.

2. Common Membership

Common Members are any members of the Stevens community who attend at least two-thirds of the meetings, actively participate in activities, and pay dues if mandated by the current executive board. Common Members are not to be referred to as Active Members.

Section 3: Membership Entitlement

Associate Members are entitled to:

Be informed of all BSU events.

Receive a copy of the BSU constitution.

Active Members are entitled to:

Be informed of all BSU events.

Be eligible to be a candidate for office.

Vote on proposals and motions.

Receive a copy of the BSU constitution.

ARTICLE IV: Executive Board

Section 1 : Executive Board Composition

The executive board officers shall include a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

Section 2 : Executive Board Conduct

Misconduct and neglect of duty in office shall be handled in accordance with "Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised" and the bylaws of the constitution.

Section 3 : Officer Restriction

No more than two of these officers may be seniors.

Section 4 : Other Committee

Appoint more officers as needed to fulfill BSU committee.

ARTICLE V: Power and Duties of Officers

Section 1 : Power and Duties Description

President - the duties of the President are:

To represent BSU and to be held responsible for the conduct of the organization.

To oversee the fulfillment of the purposes of BSU.

To delegate responsibilities.

To call all general and executive board meetings with 24 hour notice.

To preside over the formal meetings of BSU.

To handle BSU money when necessary.


Vice-President - the duties of the Vice-President are:

To take the place of the President in the event of an absence.

In the event of a vacancy in office of President, assume duties and responsibilities of the President until such a vacancy is filled
in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.

To oversee committees and activities.


Treasurer - the duties of the Treasurer are:

To take the place of the Vice-President and the President in the
event of their absence.

To prepare the budget and complete all monetary requisitions.

To keep complete financial records and to present them
to any member of the Stevens community upon request.


Secretary - the duties of the secretary are:

To take the place of the Treasurer, Vice-President, and President in the event of their absence.

To keep complete records of the meetings and to distribute a written copy to any common member or alumnus upon request.

To be responsible for handling any written correspondence of the BSU.

To notify all members of BSU meetings and events at least 48 hours in advance in the form of written communication.

Section 2 : Officer Resignation

Any officer may resign from office at any time by submitting a letter of resignation to the Executive Board with at least two weeks notice.

Section 3 : Office Vacancy

Any office which has a vacancy shall be filled by an emergency meeting within one week to open nominations followed by an election at the next general meeting. Nominations remain open until the position is filled.

ARTICLE VI: Impeachment

Section 1 : Reasons for Impeachment

The Executive Board and the membership shall have the power to remove from office any officer for any of the following reasons:

Failure to perform his/her duties.

Absence from two consecutive meetings without valid excuse submitted in writing to the Executive Board within 24 hours after the meeting.

Section 2 : Conditions for Impeachment

In order for an officer on the Executive Board to be impeached, two-thirds of the active membership must be in attendance and three-fourths of those attending must vote to impeach that officer.


A minimum of six meetings per semester shall be called by the President in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

The first general meeting shall take place no later than 14 days into the first semester.

Special meetings can be called by the President. No member can be penalized for not attending any special meetings.

A quorum of members must be present before official business can be transacted. A quorum shall be defined as two-thirds of active membership.

The procedures of "Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised" shall be adhered to where not otherwise specified by this constitution or its Bylaws.


The bylaws of this constitution of the Black Student Union shall be valid for all intents and purposes as part of this constitution.

Section 1 : Voting

The bylaws shall require only a majority vote to pass, suspend, or negate.

Section 2 : Restriction

No Bylaw shall supersede, or be inconsistent with this constitution.

Section 3: Regarding the Student Government Association

The Bylaw shall exist in accordance with the Student Government Association. If, at any time the Student Government Association finds them inappropriate, it may require them to be changed or amended.

ARTICLE IX: Adoption and Amendment

Section 1 : Constitution Adoption

This constitution shall become effective upon the approval of two-thirds of a quorum, the Student Government Association, and the Committee of Student Affairs.

Section 2 : Amendment Proposal Procedure

Amendments to this constitution shall be presented in writing by any member of the Executive Board no less than one week before being presented at a meeting.

Section 3: Amendment Approval Procedure

An amendment to this constitution will be accepted if it is passed by a two-thirds vote of a quorum, at least one week and no greater than six weeks after its presentation.

Section 4: Constitution Effectiveness

The establishment of this, the Constitution of the Black Student Union, shall abolish all previously existing constitutions for the governance of title.

Section 5 : Members Rights regarding the Constitution

A copy of the constitution shall be available through the secretary by request of any member at any time.

ARTICLE X: Elections

Elections shall be held during the month of March in the second semester.

Elections shall be held by the secret ballot.

Each office, as defined by ARTICLE V, shall have a separate election.

Each officer shall be elected by majority vote.

Common members may run for more than one office, but hold only one position.

Only active members may vote.

Candidates running for office must be in good academic standings in accordance with Stevens’ policy.

Officer candidates may not accept offices if they have been found guilty of an Honor Board violation. Officers convicted of an Honor Board violation must resign from their positions.

ARTICLE XI: The Advisor

The advisor will be appointed by the Executive Board for his/hers term of one year. The advisor must be faculty or administration of Stevens Institute of Technology. He/She has no voting power.




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