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Frank Fisher


Professor Fisher researches characterization of nanoreinforced polymer systems, multiscale modeling of nano-composites and materials, mechanical characterization of materials at the nanoscale, viscoelastic behavior of polymeric materials, hybrid finite element - micromechanics methods, NEMS/MEMS sensors and devices, and vibration energy harvesting.

As director of the Nanomechanics & Nanomaterials research lab, his group studies the behavior of advanced material systems at the nanoscale. He is particularly interested in materials systems such as polymers and polymer nanocomposites, as well as thin film and piezoelectric materials in MEMS applications.

His current research efforts include micro/nanomechanics, processing-structure-properties of polymer nanocomposites, and piezoelectric approaches for energy harvesting applications.

Dr. Fisher has recently received NSF funding for his work in Fundamental Research Leveraging Nanoparticle-Induced Crystallization in Semicrystalline Polymer Nanocomposites. In this project he will study the crystalline morphologies that naturally form during the processing and manufacturing of semicrystalline polymer nanocomposites. He has also received a Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant from the NSF for Acquistion of a Nanoscale Manipulation and Experimental Characterization Instrument, which provides nanometer-resolution, scanning electron microscope compatible manipulation, enabling critical nanoscale experimental investigations spanning many key emerging nano/microtechnology areas at Stevens.

Dr. Fisher has quickly become an innovator of new technologies in the nanotechnology field, and received several honors and awards recently that highlight his contributions. Some of these include NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award, Stevens Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award, American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russell Johnston Jr. Outstanding New Educator Award, and the Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor award.

Research Images:
Selected Publications:
J. Ding, K. Du, I. Wathuthanthri, C.-H. Choi, F. T. Fisher. and E. H. Yang. (Sep 2014). Transfer patterning of large-area graphene nanomesh via holographic lithography and plasma etching, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 6 (32), 2166
M. Nie, D.M. Kalyon, and F.T. Fisher. ( 2014). Interfacial load transfer in polymer/carbon nanotube nanocomposites with a Nanohybrid Shish Kebab modification, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6 14886-14893
K. Kumar, Y.S. Kim, X. Lin, J. Ding, F. T. Fisher, and E.H. Yang. ( 2013). 'Chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes on monolayer graphene substrates: reduced etching via suppressed catalytic hydrogenation using C2H4, Chemistry of Materials, 25 3874
K. Shepard, M. Ocampo, M. Chung, J. Li, H. Gevgilili, F.T. Fisher, and D.M. Kalyon. ( 2012). Viscoelasticity of poly(ether imide) incorporated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 50 1504
Y.S. Kim, K. Kumar, F. T. Fisher, and E.H. Yang. ( 2012). 'Out-of-plane growth of CNTs on graphene for supercapacitor applications, Nanotechnology, 23 015301
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