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Chang-Hwan Choi


Dr. Choi analyses Nanopatterning and Nanostructure Fabrication, where the concentration is to develop simple but efficient methods of nanofabrication that display superior pattern regularity, size, and shape over a large area. This research improves upon standard lithography methods such as e-beam or scanning probe lithography, which do not cover an area large enough to successfully employ electronic applications. Dr. Choi is also involved in Biomaterials and Nanobio-Science/Engineering, in which their well-defined nanostructured surfaces provide a unique opportunity, whereby the well-controlled surface structures in the nanoscale can elucidate many aspects of the nanobiology of the cell. It can further lead to novel applications to bioengineering such as implanting biomedical devices and tissue engineering.

Dr. Choi’s work has resulted in NSF Fellowship, Korea-U.S. Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO) and Korean-American Scientists and Engineering Association (KSEA) awards.

He has contributed to many publications and conference proceedings, as well as a book entitled, "Design, Fabrication, and Applications of Large-Area Well-Ordered Dense-Array Three-Dimensional Nanostructures", Nanostructures in Electronics and Photonics, Faiz Rahman, Pan Stanford Publishing. (2008). His research has also recognized as a Research Highlight in the journal Nature, in which he demonstrates that textured hydrophobic surfaces can achieve slip lengths almost 10 times longer than previously achieved. Such work could potentially be used to significantly reduce drag in fluidics applications.

Research Images:
Selected Publications:
K. Schenke-Layland, F. Rofail, S. Heydarkhan, J. M. Gluck, N. P. Ingle, E. Angelis, C.-H. Choi, W. R. MacLellan, R. E Beygui, R. J. Shemin, S. Heydarkhan-Hagvall. (2009). The use of three-dimensional nanostructures to instruct cells to produce extracellular matrix for regenerative medicine strategies, Biomaterials 30. 4665-4675 .  Link  
C. Lee, C.-H. Choi, C.-J. Kim. (Jun 2008). Structured Surfaces for a Giant Liquid Slip, Physical Review Letters 101, 064501 (2008).  Link  
C.-H. Choi, S. H. Hagvall, B. M. Wu, J. C. Y. Dunn, R. E. Beygui, C.-J. Kim. Cell Interaction with Three-Dimensional Sharp-Tip Nanotopography, Biomaterials 28, 1672-1679 (2007).  Link  
C.-H. Choi, C.-J. Kim. Fabrication of Dense Array of Tall Nanostructures over a Large Sample Area with Sidewall Profile and Tip Sharpness Control, Nanotechnology 17, 5326-5333 (2006).  Link  
C.-H. Choi, C.-J. Kim. Choi and Kim Reply (A Reply to the Comment on ‘Large Slip of Aqueous Liquid Flow over a Nanoengineered Superhydrophobic Surface’), Physical Review Letters 97, 109602 (2006) .  Link  
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