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Xiaojun Yu


Dr. Yu's research focuses on tissue engineering, polymeric biomaterials and drug delivery. His current research activities include nano- and micro-scale functionalization of biomimic three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds for neural and musculoskeletal tissue repair and regeneration, investigation of cell and material interactions in 2D, 3D and in bioreactors, development of controlled release systems for the delivery of growth factors and drugs, and manipulation of the microenvironment for stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

Dr. Yu is a member of the Society for Biomaterials, and the Materials Research Society. He is known as an innovator in the Tissue Engineering field, has contributed many journal articles and conference proceedings, and recently received a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for his work involving development of nerve grafts that promote rapid re-growth due to improved scaffolding on the neural tissue engineering frontier. He has also received the Early Career Translational Research Award in Biomedical Engineering (Phase I & Phase II) from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, and research grant from the AO Foundation for supporting his work in developing novel tissue engineered scaffolds for improving bone healing.

Research Images:
Selected Publications:
Junping Wang, Ceren Örnek‐Ballanco, Jiahua Xu, Weiguo Yang, and Xiaojun Yu. (2013). Preparation and characterization of vinculin‐targeted polymer–lipid nanoparticle as intracellular delivery vehicle, Int J Nanomedicine, 8 39-46
Aja Aravamudhan, Daisy M. Ramos, Jonathan Nip, Matthew D. Harmon, Roshan James, Meng Deng, Cato T. Laurencin, Xiaojun Yu, and Sangamesh G. Kumbar.. (2013). Cellulose and Collagen Derived Micro‐Nano Structured Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering, J. Biomed. Nanotechnol.. 9 719-731
Valmikinathan CM, Chang W, Xu J, and Yu X.. (2012). Self assembled temperature responsive surfaces for generation of cell patches for bone tissue engineering, Biofabrication. 4 (3), 035006
Pavlukhina SV, Kaplan JB, Xu L, Chang W, Yu X, Madhyastha S, Yakandawala N, Mentbayeva A, Khan B, Sukhishvili SA.. (2012). Noneluting enzymatic antibiofilm coatings., ACS Appl Mater Interfaces.. 4 (9), 4708-16
Asli Ergun, Xiaojun Yu, Antonio Valdevit, Arthur Ritter and Dilhan M. Kalyon,. (2012). Radially and axially‐graded multizonal scaffolds targeting critical‐sized bone defects from polycaprolactone/hydroxyapatite/tricalcium phosphate, Tissue Engineering A,, 18 (23-24), 2426‐2436
Dilhan KalyonMatthew LiberaHongjun Wang
Xi XuYong ShiYan Meng
Jun F. Liang

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