Convention Guidelines

  • All ages are welcome to CPAC. However, children under 13 years old MUST be accompianied by a parent or guardian at all times. Both the parent/guardian and the child must register (pre-registration or otherwise) to attend the convetion.
  • If you are traveling with small children, establish a specific place where you will meet up if separated. Small children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Mind the flow of traffic and do not obstruct hallways. Some buildings will have a dedicated entrance and exit. Do not run inside buildings. Restricted areas are off-limits to attendees and will be labeled with caution tape or signs.
  • The convention grounds have many great opportunities for photographs. Please respect the grounds. Do not climb on statues or buildings. Always be aware that the convention grounds are in the middle of the city of Hoboken and there will be traffic nearby.
  • Many attendees participate by cosplaying as familiar characters. While many enjoy having their picture taken, always ask permission first.
  • The use of still or video cameras may be restricted or prohibited at some events. Please mind posted notices. Violating this rule may result in confiscation of the camera.
  • CPAC is a family event. Do not wear clothing that may be considered lewd or inappropriate in a public setting. No nudity or partial nudity is allowed. Also, no rude or profane clothing or signs are allowed on the convention grounds.
  • There is no smoking in any of the convention buildings. While smoking is permitted outside the buildings, we ask that you dispose of the remnants appropriately.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, immediately approach the nearest CPAC Staff or Convention Officials.

It may be April 1st, but we are not kidding around when it comes to your safety, please abide byall convention policies in order to make sure that we can ensure that you, and the rest of theattendees, have a safe and enjoyable convention experience!

In case of injury or other emergency, follow all instructions of CPAC staff, convention officials, and police.

Weapons Policy

"...or, How I donated my 15 foot sword to CPAC"

CPAC considers any device capable of causing injury, or being confused with an object capable of causing injury, a weapon. To ensure a safe and fun environment, CPAC has strict restrictions on such devices within the convention grounds. The weapon restrictions must be abided at all times by convention attendees and will be strictly enforced. All weapons and other props are subject to inspection by CPAC safety official at any time. If you have any questions, please consult the convention information desk or any other Safety official.

Prohibited Weapons

  • Projectile Weapons including but not limited to functional firearms, imitations of real firearms, pellet guns, air rifles, water pistols, and slingshots
  • Live Steel including but not limited to sharpened and dull swords, knives and other cutting implements
  • Incendiary devices such as smoke bombs, flash bombs, sparklers, and other fireworks; possession of any of these devices will result in immediate expulsion from the convention.
  • Flail and throwing weapons including but not limited to nunchaku, sansetsukon, shuriken, and throwing stars
  • Illegal devices not permitted on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology, city of Hoboken, or state of New Jersey are not permissible inside the convention.

Allowed Props

  • Staves, boken, and walking canes made from wood, Styrofoam, or other light-weight material
  • Fake and toy guns made from a light-weight material that are obviously prop guns and have a non-removable orange tip
  • Decorative props with no moving parts, less than seven (7) feet in height and under fifty (50) pounds deemed not hazardous or obtrusive to other convention attendees

Weapons Check-in

At check-in, all attendees will be required to show that all weapons abide by the above rules. If CPAC staff have doubts as to the safety of any weapon, you will be given the opportunity to check it for pick-up at the convention's conclusion. If you refuse to check a weapon determined to be in violation of the weapons policy by CPAC staff, you will be denied entrance to the convention buildings and grounds.

Improper Weapons Behavior

If at any time, an attendee is observed using an approved, or non-approved weapon in the following manner, the weapon will be immediately confiscated without return and the attendee may be evicted from the convention without refund:

  • Swinging, striking, or otherwise causing obstruction in a public area
  • Brandishing any prop gun or firearm outside of a building. All prop guns must be holstered and put away.
  • Mock fighting
  • Brandishing provocatively or any other threatening gesture
  • Modification of any approved weapon so that it no longer meets the weapons policy