Guest Appearances

Michele Knotz

You may have heard of Michele Knotz from a little well-known anime series called "Pokemon." Now in their 17th season, Michele returned as the voice of Team Rocket's Jessie. Before season 14, Michele voiced May, Nurse Joy, The Pokedex, and many Pokemon. She also voiced Misty for the Pokemon 10th Anniversary Special, "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon." In the Pokemon Special, "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate" she voiced Chikorita. Other anime roles include Hajime Yagi in "The World of Narue," Takako Kawashima in "Shootfighter Tekken," Matsumoto and various additional characters in "To Heart," Razali, Cindy, Greta, and The Fairy in "The Third," Ogiue Chika in "Genshiken," Koyuki Asagiri in "Kujibiki Unbalance," Chou'un Shiryuu in "Ikki Tousen," Tomoe and Airi in "Queen's Blade," and Potaru Tanaka and Inumi in "Magical Witch Punie-Chan."

As far as video games go, Michele has voiced the Pokemon Trainer, Squirtle and various other Pokemon for the Nintendo Wii's: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," Piplup and many others in "PokePark Wii – Pikachu's Great Adventure," Snivy, Piplup and many others in "PokePark 2 Wonders Beyond," various characters in "Heathcliff the Fast and the Furriest," Alisa Bosconovitch and Roll in Capcom's "Street Fighter X Tekken," Grace in "Castle Dracula," Lucky and various others in "Gangstar Vegas," and Lilliel Saotome in NIS America's "The Guided Fate Paradox." But Michele doesn't just work on anime and video games. She's also a script adapter for various dubbing projects and lends her voice to many other types of work. To see all of Michele's credits, pictures, and listen to her voice demos, check out her website.

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman is an American voice actor who's been portraying characters in animation and video games since 1997. He's worked on a myriad of anime shows including Hellsing, Eureka Seven, Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, Chobits, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Slayers, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Durarara!!, Fate/Zero, Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle, and many others.

He has also had a number of American animation roles, mainly in Marvel Comics based productions, and many video game roles. In addition to his career as a voice actor he is also an educator, offering voice acting classes both in Los Angelos and online, and releasing a podcast every two weeks.

Ian Rubin

Ian Rubin is a stand-up comedian from UProv Comedy, the Internet's first and only improv comedy show. He has been at cons all over the east coast, including last year's CPAC. He is returning to us again by special request to entertain everyone with his unique and nerdy brand of comedy.

You can check out some of Ian's previous shows on his YouTube channel. You can also like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter, and get all the updates of where Ian will be next (other than CPAC, of course).

Katie Tiedrich

Katie Tiedrich is the author of the video game focused webcomic Awkward Zombie , which debuted in 2006. She is a Stevens student majoring mechanical engineering and in her senior year.

With her home here with us in Hoboken, we are lucky to have her back again for another year.

Featured Panels

Sonic Whammy

Sonic Whammy Enterprises is the home of the best game show entertainment on the anime convention scene (and anywhere else that will have them, they're not fussy). They are the hosts of Anime Game Show Super Show, which includes such classic games as Card Sharks, Body Language and their signature game, Press Your Luck. Every show is an interactive experience, from contestants drawn right out of the audience to taking part in surveys to acting out original Whammy sketches. When you come to Anime Game Show Super Show, you can be the star at any moment. So come join Sonic Whammy Enterprises, and let the games begin!

Mad Bracket Status

Everyone knows who the best Pokemon is (Ekans) but, until now, we have never been able to determine the worst Pokemon. That's where you come in. We at Mad Bracket Status are here to conduct the Worst Pokemon bracket. You, the audience members, will argue for the Pokemon and you, the audience, will vote on who makes it to the next round. All 719 Pokemon are possible options, but you have to have a reason. You can submit your worst Pokemon with a short email making your case to or write your submission down and put it in the Mad Bracket Status box at the sign-in table. Gotta Bracket em All!