PowerWord Member List

This is the complete list of members for PowerWord, including all inherited members.
acquireRep(const PowerWordRep *rep)ObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline, protected]
begin() const PowerWord [inline]
begin()PowerWord [inline]
change()ObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline, protected]
const_iterator typedefPowerWord
cyclicallyPermute(int n) const PowerWord [inline]
cyclicallyReduce() const PowerWord [inline]
cyclicallyReduce(PowerWord &conjugator) const PowerWord [inline]
cyclicallyReduceWord()PowerWord [inline]
cyclicallyReduceWord(PowerWord &conjugator)PowerWord [inline]
cyclicLeftShift()PowerWord [inline]
cyclicRightShift()PowerWord [inline]
doesContain(const int &gen) const PowerWord [inline]
end() const PowerWord [inline]
end()PowerWord [inline]
enhance() constObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline, protected]
exponentSum(const int &gen) const PowerWord [inline]
freelyReduce()PowerWord [inline]
freelyReduce(const_iterator beg, const_iterator end)PowerWord
getList() const PowerWord [inline]
getList()PowerWord [inline]
getPower(PowerWord &base) const PowerWord [inline]
initialSegment(int len) const PowerWord [inline]
insert(const PowerWord &wr, int pos)PowerWord [inline]
inverse() const PowerWord [inline]
isIn(const int &gen) const PowerWord [inline]
iterator typedefPowerWord
length() const PowerWord [inline]
look() constObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline, protected]
ObjectOf(const ObjectOf &o)ObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline]
ObjectOf(PowerWordRep *newrep)ObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline, protected]
operator!=(const PowerWord &wr) const PowerWord [inline]
operator*(const PowerWord &w) const PowerWord [inline]
operator*=(const PowerWord &w)PowerWord [inline]
operator-() const PowerWord [inline]
operator<(const PowerWord &wr) const PowerWord [inline]
operator<<(ostream &os, const PowerWord &w)PowerWord [friend]
operator=(const ObjectOf &o)ObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline]
operator==(const PowerWord &wr) const PowerWord [inline]
operator>(const PowerWord &wr) const PowerWord [inline]
PII typedefPowerWord
power(int t) const PowerWord
PowerWord()PowerWord [inline]
PowerWord(const vector< int > &gens)PowerWord [inline]
PowerWord(const list< int > &gens)PowerWord [inline]
PowerWord(const vector< PII > &gens)PowerWord [inline]
PowerWord(const list< PII > &gens)PowerWord [inline]
PowerWord(int g, int p=1)PowerWord [inline]
printOn(ostream &os) const PowerWord [inline, private]
push_back(int gen, int power)PowerWord [inline]
push_back(const pair< int, int > &g)PowerWord [inline]
push_front(int gen, int power)PowerWord [inline]
push_front(const pair< int, int > &g)PowerWord [inline]
randomWord(int gens, int wLen)PowerWord [static]
segment(int from, int to) const PowerWord [inline]
terminalSegment(int len) const PowerWord [inline]
~ObjectOf()ObjectOf< PowerWordRep > [inline]
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